Loving someone with bipoler

Giving unconditional love for bipolar disorder patients is a tough job. If you do not understand what is happening to your loved one, then you will have difficulty relating to them.

Trust is essential to individuals with Bipolar disorder. You’re loved one needs you to trust them. To build up trust, an open and honest communication is needed. Keep the communication line open. An open and honest communication is vital. Encourage you’re loved one to talk about what they think and feel. Let you’re loved one suggest ways on how you are supposed to relate to them.

Do not suppress what you feel. However, there are positive ways to let you’re loved one know how you feel. It is recommended that you avoid nagging, preaching or lecturing an individual with Bipolar disorder. Such negative actions will drive him to detach. If you are concerned about them, let them see how concerned you are in a gentle and encouraging manner.

Let you’re loved one do things their way.  Along with trust and communication, let the person experience what they can do for themselves. Let them solve problems if they can find solutions. Let you’re loved one live the way they are  supposed to live.

Be there. Although you allow them to do things there own way, it does not mean that you will not be there when you’re loved one needs you to. Let them do things their way but make sure that you are around to give assistance when needed.

Most importantly, apart from assistance, you need to offer your love, understanding and support and just love each other. Anxious minds offers support to family’s and friends

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