Our wish for the North East is that people affected by mental health, addiction, and abuse receive the support they need that leads to living a fulfilling life through recovery & discovery.

Here at Anxious Minds, we believe that everyone deserves to get good mental health support, a chance to recover and a safe space to live, a rewarding job and a life free from mental health, addiction or abuse. We also believe that people should be able to access mental health and addiction support services as quickly as possible preventing long-term problems. With the proper support, anyone can change their life for the better.

Causes that need your urgent attention

Female Veterans and Women in Crisis

Mental Health Support for Veterans

Suicide Prevention and Awareness

Children’s Mental Health


Award-Winning Adult and Children's Counselling Services

Counselling and Psychotherapy are talking therapies. The basis of counselling and psychotherapy is the relationship that is established between the person being supported and their counsellor or psychotherapist. It is essential that the person being treated feels safe and that their counsellor is trusting and non-judgemental and that the person feels they will be met with respect, sensitivity and understanding so that they are free to speak about whatever is on their mind and make a recovery.

Veteran Families' Mental Health And Addiction Support

Anxious Minds veteran families’ multi-award-winning service, we understand that wounds sustained in the service of your duties are not always physical and can affect anyone in your family,  Our founder was diagnosed with clinical depression, chronic anxiety, and PTSD after he left the Armed Forces on completion of 22 years of service and struggled to find support.  We understand that the real battle for those affected in service can often begin at home. We can offer confidential support to those suffering from anxiety and depression, safe knowing they will be looked after and supported when needed most.


Our wish for the North East is that people affected by mental health and addiction issues receive the support they need that leads to living a fulfilling life through recovery & discovery.

Women's Crisis Support Services

Blyth Women’s Centre is for the benefit of local women & girls, and we aim to empower women in our community to help them achieve their full potential. The centre also supports women Veterans and female family members of the Armed Forces Community.

The Liberty Centre will provide local women with a safe space where they can access information, support, advice and education. We aim to have an average of over 200 women a week accessing our services.

The wide range of services on offer are designed to support women overcome many of the issues and challenges they are confronted by – domestic abuse; the need to develop new skills; lack of self-esteem; lack of self-confidence; and being isolated.

All our work empowers women, to help them:


Outdoor Therapy

As part of our Recovery program, we offer outdoor-based therapies primarily from our woodland premises in Prudhoe to families and individuals to encourage participation in exercise and build friendships. Activities offered include mountain biking, hill walking (featured on BBC1 in 2020) woodland breaks, canoeing, and rock climbing.

It is well known that exercise and building support networks encourage’s and promotes positive mental health. Likewise, outdoor engagement can provide a form of alternative mental health support and act as a “soft” engagement mechanism in our broader services for those a little nervous about engaging in counselling, etc.

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