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I am proud to be a patron of Anxious Minds.

I have suffered anxiety and depression for over 25 yrs. now. I talk about it openly and find it is good to share experiences, although there have been times I couldn’t say a word. Just knowing that you are not alone, that other people feel the same, that there are people who want to listen can sometimes be all it takes to start feeling a little better.

Anxious Minds help by bridging the gap between reaching out and receiving professional treatment. Sometimes being around those who understand can be the best treatment of all. But for those who need medical or psychiatric help you have somewhere to go for now

A Patron is someone who lends their support and I am delighted as a Patron for Anxious Minds to be able do just that.

I have probably suffered from anxiety since my teenage years. I thought it was normal and everybody was the same as me. Back then, what I didn’t know was that I had a vestibular problem and when it flared up I became anxious and suffered terrible panic attacks. I never told anyone. I found a way to cope. Things like this were never really talked about. I still suffer from anxiety and panic disorder, but after much research, I’m getting a handle on it, although I’m not out of the woods yet. I know only too well how anxiety can find it’s way back. But the great change today is people can talk about more easily about their anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, and are encouraged to do so. It’s great to know there is a place like Anxious Minds where people can talk and get help from those who understand.

Ellen is currently a writer but during the past thirty something years she enjoyed a successful nursing career before setting up and running two successful businesses, including one that involved healthcare. She was a Finalist in the Successful Women Achievers of the North (SWAN) Business Awards 1997, and served on The Board of Visitors at a Young Offenders Institution for several years.

She holds a teaching qualification and has a Diploma in NLP.

Ellen presented a radio show for five years, enjoys amateur dramatics participating when possible, and makes short fun films. Because of the impact anxiety and panic attacks have had and still have on her life she has started making videos about her experiences. In her research she has found some useful ways to help reduce anxiety symptoms and the videos are her way of sharing that information and helping others.


Edward served 22 years in the British Army and 5 more as a contractor delivering simulation training for Afghanistan. He has instructed at Army level for both Physical Training and Operational deployment, and holds a level 6 in leadership/management and a diploma in psychology, Master practitioner in N LP, clinical hypnotherapy, and mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy (MBCT). He is the founder of Anxious minds and has suffers with anxiety, depression and PTSD for many years until learning to manage his condition through self-help.

Kathleen  is the  co-founders of Anxious minds and for over 30 years has owned several businesses throughout Newcastle and North Tyneside that have involved employing people and working with the public. For 11 years, she worked for a UK Charity supporting vulnerable young people managing five departments, and has completed numerous courses in dealing with a vulnerable client group. she also holds a Teaching qualification alongside A1 assessor and V1 verifier qualifications and was shortlisted in the national awards for 2016 women in business not for profit category.

Adam worked as Senior Manager for a leading Local Authority before becoming a Legal Specialist for a large housing group specialising in legal cases involving anti social behaviour and mental health. Adam has also been the lead singer in a successful Manchester based band, produced and presented a no.1 charting popular music podcast on iTunes, published 4 poetry books and has worked as a digital arts teacher bringing digital media lessons to children with additional needs. Adam began suffering from Panic Disorder and Anxiety in 2008 and is currently a Youtube film maker creating positive vlogs (Vlog Therapy) about living with anxiety. You can access Adam’s vlogs on our site.

Margaret  is a people person who has a level 3 in counselling with years of experience delivering support groups,  Margaret is training to become a full time counsellor and is passionate about supporting others

Colin served 12 years in the Royal Marines before becoming a life coach and mindfulness teacher he studied Tibetan Buddhism initially and more recently Theravada Buddhism, he has been on several long (3+ months – some over 6 months) retreats and many short retreats since and started meditating in the late 1990s He has been practising mindfulness for over 19 years and he lives a mindfulness life and is qualified in mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy (MBCT) Mindfulness-based living(MBL) and clinical hypnotherapy and level 3 in Counselling

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Board of Trustees

Eric Hayley: served 22 years in the Army, after leaving and gaining his degree and teaching qualifications now works for North Tyneside Council and is the single point of contact for veterans in North Tyneside and is the chair of the charity.

Elaine Slater: has been working in mental health over 20 years, Elaine is currently the Chief Executive of Tyneside women’s health.

Dr Chris Bowen: is a retired GP and run a practice in Wallsend he is currently the Director of The Vaults well-being centre.

Ruth McVicer: works for a small business in North Tyneside and is an active member of the community.

Josephine Skoyles: has a small business in North Tyneside and is an active member of the community.

Keith Hardy: Is a veteran of 12 years British Army currently studying for a new career

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