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UK Charity of the year (Mental Health)

Anxious Minds  has won a major international awards at the ACQ5 Global Awards 2018.

The ACQ5 Global Awards 2018 highlight prominent businesses around the globe that have had a great level of impact on their industry and demonstrate leadership in innovation. The awards celebrate the services, industries and organisations that serve the global market landscape.

Anxious Minds is honoured to have won this major awards in this year’s ACQ5 Global Awards program. These awards are a testament to the atmosphere of disruptive innovation that lives within Anxious Minds, led by our founder, Edward Dean , CEO, he has worked to better shape the ways people in the North East can access Mental Health Support.  His transformative leadership and the impact of the work of the charity has greatly improved accesses to Mental Well-being support in a positive way.

About the ACQ5 Global Awards 2017:

The ACQ5 Global Awards 2017 Program has been celebrating achievement, brilliance, and innovation in their annual awards program with a rigorous evaluation process based on the ACQ Annual Award Framework (AAA Framework). For more information, please visit https://awards.acq5.com/1/.

The ACQ5 Global Awards

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