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Affordable Online Counselling Services | Anxious Minds

Online Counselling Services at Anxious Minds

In our fast-paced world, mental health issues are on the rise. Anxious Minds serves as a beacon of hope in this darkness, offering affordable counselling for everyone. They provide various forms of support, including individual therapy, group sessions and online advice. Their mission is to address anxiety, depression, addiction and traumatic memories.

Anxious Minds is unique in its approach to care. They offer counselling sessions at a low cost of £25, making mental health support accessible to all. Their work is sustained through donations, enabling them to continue offering affordable help.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of online support. Anxious Minds swiftly adapted to this need. Their online sessions provide a safe space for essential support, allowing clients to receive help from the comfort of their homes. This service also eases the burden on the healthcare system by offering accessible and low-cost counselling options.

Clients praise Anxious Minds’ services, often sharing how much better they feel after receiving support. These testimonials underscore the profound impact of Anxious Minds’ commitment to helping those in need, making them a leading choice in mental health care.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anxious Minds offers affordable online counselling services starting at £25 per session.
  • The charity provides a range of mental health support, including one-to-one counselling, group therapy, and online resources.
  • Anxious Minds aims to make mental health care accessible by relying on donations and a sliding scale fee structure.
  • The charity’s online services have become crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing individuals to receive counselling remotely.
  • Anxious Minds has received positive feedback from clients who have reported significant improvements in their lives after accessing the counselling services.

Why Choose Online Counselling Services at Anxious Minds?

For over nine years, Anxious Minds has been offering online counselling, assisting approximately 200 people each week. Their services are highly rated on Healthwatch, and they have won the Leading Mental Health Support Services award at the UK Enterprise Awards for two consecutive years.

Online therapy has been proven to be as effective as face-to-face sessions for moderate depression and anxiety and it also helps reduce problem gambling. Due to its success, more people are turning to online therapy, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting more providers to offer it.

Convenient and Accessible Therapy

Anxious Minds makes accessing therapy easy and quick. Over 95% of referrals are seen within two weeks, providing a crucial lifeline when it’s needed most.

With online therapy, there is no travel time, which is ideal for those with physical limitations, chronic illnesses, or those living far from therapy centres.

Preference for Text Communication Among Teens

Teens often prefer to communicate via text, and Anxious Minds recognises this. A study in the JMIR Mental Health journal highlights that texting is the preferred method of communication for teens with access to mobile phones.

At Anxious Minds, teens can choose their preferred communication method, whether it be live video, phone sessions or in person.

“Online therapy services are usually more affordable due to therapists having fewer overhead costs like office space rental.”

Online therapy also tends to be cheaper than face-to-face because therapists have less overhead. This lower cost helps make mental health support more available and affordable for many.

Choosing Anxious Minds means getting therapy that fits your life, no matter your age. It’s both easy and budget-friendly, meeting the needs of everyone.

How Anxious Minds’ Online Counselling Services Work

At Anxious Minds, we understand the need for mental health support. Our online counseling process is crafted to meet every client’s unique needs. 

Personalised Therapist Matching

We don’t stop at just finding any therapist for you. Anxious Minds lets you pick from many trained therapists. This way, you make sure you find someone who really clicks with you. This method lets clients play a big role in their healing while feeling really understood.

Scheduling Live Therapy Sessions

We also offer live therapy sessions for more direct help. You can chat with your therapist by video, phone or text, whichever you prefer. This helps make sure you get the support you need in a way that suits you best.

Anxious Minds aims to make counselling easy, affordable, and geared just for you and your family. We mix the best tech with top-notch therapists. This way, we help you tackle mental health and aim for a better, happier life.

Online counseling process

The Cost of Online Counselling Services at Anxious Minds

Finding affordable online counselling is crucial and Anxious Minds stands out in this regard. On average, online therapy prices range between £50 to £90 per session, which can get costly. Anxious Minds offers afforderble counselling at just £25 per session.

Studies on online therapy show that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is effective over video calls. At Anxious Minds, they use proven methods such as CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and exposure therapy to address issues like anxiety.

Online Counselling Services at Anxious Minds: Features and Benefits

We understand the importance of providing mental health support that is both accessible and effective. This is why at Anxious Minds, our online counselling is designed for anyone in need of therapy based on solid research. A key advantage of our service is our team of specialist therapists who aim to give each client the personalised care they deserve with its Qualified Therapists

Evidence-Based Therapeutic Approaches

Our online therapy focuses on proven methods, including CBT and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), which have been shown to help with various mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. By combining these powerful techniques with the convenience of online sessions, Anxious Minds offers highly personalised support.

In addition to one-on-one therapy, we provide a wealth of mental health tools and advice. Our website features self-care tips and informative articles, encouraging clients to take an active role in their healing process.

The online counselling services have been a game-changer for me. The licensed therapists are truly dedicated to my well-being, and the evidence-based approaches have been incredibly helpful in managing my mental health challenges.”

— Emily, Anxious Minds client

Evaluating and Choosing an Online Therapy Service

Choosing an online therapy service involves considering several key factors to find the best mental health support. Firstly, think about the type of therapy needed: individual, couples, family, or group therapy. The certifications and specialisations of the therapists are also important; you should work with licensed experts in your area of concern.

Finding a service that is easy to access and use is vital. It should be simple and convenient, allowing you to join sessions and communicate with your therapist effortlessly. Additionally, ensure that the cost of the online therapy services fits within your budget. Services can range from £60 to £200 per session, or they might offer monthly packages that suit your financial situation.

Evaluation Criteria Description
Therapy Type Individual, or group sessions
Therapist Qualifications Licensed, experienced, and specialised in the areas you need
Platform Usability User-friendly, convenient, and easy to access therapy sessions
Cost Affordable, within the typical range of £25 to £50 per session

By focusing on these criteria, you can pick an online therapy service that aligns with your mental health needs and likes. This ensures you get top-notch, customized support for your mental well-being goals.

Choosing Online Therapy

“Online therapy has become an increasingly popular and accessible option for individuals seeking mental health support. By carefully evaluating the available services, you can find a solution that fits your unique needs and preferences.”

Privacy and Security in Online Counselling

Online therapy is becoming very popular these days. Because of this, keeping private information secure is more important than ever. Trusted charities like Anxious Minds work hard to keep their clients’ info safe and private.

GDRP Compliance and Data Protection

Anxious Minds makes sure that its clients’ personal details are safe and sound. It follows the rules of GDRP, which protect health information. So, it uses safe video tools and keeps data safe from any unwanted eyes.

The team at Anxious Minds also teaches its clients proper ways to keep their therapy private. They suggest using secure software. Anxious Minds also gives advice on keeping their therapy secrets safe.

In 2020, an outside group checked Anxious Minds’ work and gave them a very high score. They got 98% and were called ‘OUTSTANDING’. This proves how much they care about their clients’ private stuff.

“Privacy and security are paramount in online counselling. Anxious Minds has gone to great lengths to ensure that our clients’ data is protected and their sessions remain confidential.”

By caring about GDRP and strong data protection, Anxious Minds wants its clients to feel safe. This is crucial today when people worry about mental health info being out there. Their focus on privacy and security is key for an online mental health service.

Reviews and Ratings of Anxious Minds’ Online Counselling Services

Online therapy can be a big help for many. Reviews and ratings are crucial for choosing the right service. At Anxious Minds, clients are very pleased. They praise the care and effectiveness of the counselling.

Anxious Minds has an impressive 5.0-star average from 114 reviews. It won the top prize, the ‘North Tyneside’s HealthWatch Star Award’ in 2018. This award shows it’s one of the best. All the money Anxious Minds gets goes back into supporting mental health in the North East.

Clients talk about the great therapists at Anxious Minds and the flexible appointments they offer. They say counselling has made a big difference in their lives. Many mention their specific therapist, and how the online support for anxiety has helped them.

People find the counselling life-changing. They learn skills that last long after their sessions are over. They feel welcomed and heard at Anxious Minds. They love the help and advice from their therapists.

Getting Started with Anxious Minds’ Online Counselling Services

Starting your journey with Anxious Minds online counselling is simple. It’s easy to use, and it’s great for anyone who needs help or support.

For the best therapy experience, find a quiet space. It should be free of distractions. This helps you focus better during your sessions.

Anxious Minds covers many anxiety issues, such as panic disorder and OCD. They’re here to help with various problems.

Online therapy at Anxious Minds is affordable and easy to fit into your schedule. It’s a great way to address your mental health from your home.

If you’re looking to manage anxiety, start by visiting the Anxious Minds website.

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Anxious Minds provides online counseling that is easy to afford and access. It’s designed for people and families who need mental health support. The service matches you with a therapist just for you.

By using online therapy, Anxious Minds links you to mental health experts. They help you deal with mental health issues in a way that fits your life. The goal is to make quality help reach more people in a way that’s easy and flexible.

Research supports that online counseling can be very helpful. It can treat anxiety and depression. They have professionals who use proven methods to support you.

Overall, Anxious Minds is a great choice for getting mental health support. It overcomes the usual limits of where and when you can get help. The demand for this kind of service is growing. Anxious Minds is ready to meet that need with care and understanding.


What are the features and benefits of Anxious Minds’ online counseling services?

Anxious Minds offers online counseling with licensed therapists. It uses methods known to work. You can talk via phone or video. This makes it easy to get help.

How does Anxious Minds ensure the privacy and security of its online counseling services?

Anxious Minds follows strict rules to keep your info safe. It’s GDRP compliant. This means your therapy and details are private and secure.

What are some key factors to consider when evaluating and choosing an online therapy service?

Think about what kind of therapy you need and if the therapist is right for that. Check how easy it is to join and the cost. These are all important when picking a service.

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