Alex learns, it’s good to talk


“I want to quit the team,” Alex said sadly.

“Quit the team? “Said Coach Brown, “Why?”

“I just don’t like football anymore,” Alex said.

“I don’t understand Alex, “said Coach Brown, “You have always loved Football.”                                      its good to talk

“Not anymore. “Said Alex as he sadly walked away.

“Did you quit the Football team?” asked James.

“Yes,” said Alex.

“Why, “said James, “You’re the best kid on the team.”

“I just don’t want to play anymore.” Alex said, “I better get back to class.”

“Do you know what’s wrong with Alex?” Cindy asked Jen

“I don’t know.” Jen said, “But he’s been acting weird all week.”

When Alex got home from school his mother was waiting at the door for him.

“Alex, “she said, “Coach Brown just called me and said that you quit the Football team.”

“Yes.” Said Alex.

“Why would you quit the Football team, Alex?” his mother asked.

“I just don’t want to play anymore.” He said.

As Alex tried to fall asleep that night he tossed and turned in his bed. Alex had a big problem and it wasn’t about Football. He knew he needed to ask for help.

“Mom,” he whispered as he walked into her room, “I need to talk to you.”

“What’s the matter Alex?” she said softly.

“I have been having a problem at school. There’s a kid that has been picking on me. He calls me names and makes fun of me and it makes me feel sad. I have tried to talk to him about it, but he just laughs at me and calls me a wimp. So, I then tried to ignore him but he just won’t stop! That’s why I quit the Football team. I really need your help.”

“I will call the school tomorrow Alex,” Mom said, “We will figure this out don’t worry it will all be just fine.”

The next day, Mrs Jones came to Alex’s classroom and asked him to come to the principal’s office. When he got to the office he saw the principal, his parents and in the corner of the room, looking miserable as ever sat Nathan Miller.

“Nathan,” Mrs Webber said,” Is there a problem between you and Alex?”

“No,” Nathan grunted.

“Alex,” Mrs Webber asked,” what is Nathan doing that is bothering you?”

“He’s always making fun of me!” Alex yelled He’s constantly calling me names!     I don’t like it I’m sick of it!”

“I was just kidding!” Nathan yelled back.

“Well, it’s not funny!” Alex said,” That’s why I quit Football! I’m feeling so sad and worried cos of you making fun of me all the time! You wouldn’t like it if someone made fun of you all the time either!”

Nathan sat there for a minute or two looking down at the floor.

“No,” said Nathan, “I would hate that. I guess I was having fun picking on you and I wasn’t thinking about how you were feeling about it. But don’t quit the Football team. You are the best kid on the team.”

“Thanks, Nathan,” Alex said looking surprised.

“I will stop making fun of you, “Nathan said.

“Great job working it out boys,” Mrs Webber said.

Alex lay in bed that night thinking it’s good to talk about your problems

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