Alex learns to take a breath


“Alex, I need to see you after class.” Mrs Meyers said.

“Ok,” Alex said.

The bell rang loudly, and Alex started to get nervous. He was pretty sure why Mrs. Meyers wanted to see him but knowing why didn’t make it easier.


“Alex,” Mrs Meyers said, “You are falling way behind in your classwork, and you don’t seem to be getting your homework done either. Is everything ok?”


“Yes,” Mrs Meyers,” Alex said, “I guess I just need to try harder.”

“Well, let me know if I can help in any way, Alex.” Mrs Myers said.

“I will,” Alex said, “I better get home and get started.”


Alex ran down the steps of the school. He was rushing so much that he almost didn’t see his friend Matt waiting for him in the driveway of the school.


“Hey, Alex,” Matt said, “Do you want to come to play basketball after school today?” 

“I can’t,” Alex said, “I have a lot of homework to do.”


“I have so much work to do,” Alex thought, “I don’t know how I will ever get it all done!”


When Alex got home he went straight to his room. As he thought about all the things that he had to do he could feel the panic building.


“Where do I start?” Alex said out loud, “Math? English? I just don’t know! There’s just too much!”


“Alex,” Megan said, “Did you remember that we were going to do homework together today?”


“No,” Alex said as he paced back and forth sorting through papers and notebooks, “I guess I forgot that too.”


“Are you ok, Alex?” Megan said.


“No!” Alex yelled, “I have too much to do and I don’t know where to start! I’m in a real mess Megan. ”


“I think I can help you, Alex.” Megan said, “The first thing that you need to do is calm down. I have a plan. So take a deep breath, Alex. ”


“Ok, Megan,” Alex said sitting down at his desk, “I’m just so worried that I will never catch up.”


“I know,” Megan said, “But let me show you what I do when this happens to me.”


“Ok,” Alex said, “I’m listening.”


“Ok,” Megan began, “We need to make a list. Then we will work down the list until everything is done.”


“Ok. Here are my assignments.” Alex said, pointing to a messy pile of papers and books on the desk.


“Let’s get started.” Megan laughed.


Before long Alex had a list of all the work that he needed to get done on the list. It was neat and organized. As he finished each assignment he checked it off on the list. He didn’t feel so overwhelmed and he could see his progress as he worked through the list.


“This was a great idea, Megan! “Alex said, “I know I can finish everything now. Thank you for helping me.”


“No problem, Alex, “Megan said, “I’m glad that I could help.”

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