Alex learns to think positively


Alex learns to think positively


“Hey Alex,” Said Emily, “Are you ok? You don’t seem like yourself today.”

“I found out that we are moving,” Alex said sadly.

“You are?” Emily said, “When?”

“In a couple of months, I guess,” Alex said.

“Oh,” Emily said, “Don’t worry. We will still talk every day, and we will visit!”

“I like where I live.” Alex said, “I love my house. I’ve always lived right here in Byker.”     

“Have you seen the new house yet? “Emily asked.

“It won’t be as cool as this one. “Alex said.

“How do you know? “Emily said.

“I don’t know, I guess.” Alex said,” but I know I won’t have my friends anymore.”

“You will still have your friends, “Emily laughed, “We will be here, and you will be there, but we will always be your friends.”

“That’s true,” Alex said.

“I remember when I had to move,” Emily said,” I was afraid that I wouldn’t have any friends here and then I met you. So something great was going to happen, I just didn’t know it at the time. That’s when I learned to always think positively.”

“We sure have had some great times,” Alex said.

“And we still will when we visit!” Emily said.

“I think I will go home and ask my mother to see the pictures of the new house,” Alex said.

Alex’s mother was busy in the kitchen when he came bursting through the door.

“Can I see the pictures of the new house? “Alex asked.

“Sure,” his mother said, “Look at the picture of your bedroom. It is really nice.”

“Yes,” Alex said, “it is so big! It has room for everything! Maybe even a model train set like the one I want for my birthday.”

“Maybe,” his mother laughed,” I know that you are stressed out, and a little sad about the move, Alex, but I’m sure that once we get there, you will like it.”

“Emily and I had a really good talk.” Alex said, “I’m going to try to be positive about the move. Emily really made me think today. I know now that if I have a positive attitude, I can be happy no matter where I am.