Alex Leans You Have a Choice


The sun was shining brightly through the kitchen window and the smell of a delicious breakfast filled the room.

“Do you want pancakes or eggs? “Lexi asked Alex.

“I’m not hungry,” Alex grumbled.

“You’re not hungry? “Alex’s mother asked, “Are you feeling ok?”

“I feel ok,” Alex said, “I’m just stressed out about the play tonight. I just know it’s going to be a disaster.”

“Why do you think that it’s going to be a disaster?” his mother asked.

“The rehearsal was terrible yesterday!” Alex said, “I made so many mistakes. It seems like everyone did well except for me.”

“Maybe you were just nervous,” his mother said,” or maybe you just need to relax.”

“I’m so stressed out!” Alex said,” I can’t really relax at a time like this!  The play is tonight!”

“Let’s try a mindfulness exercise.” his mother said.

“I’m not sure how exercising will help, but I will try anything. “Alex said.

“Ok, Alex,” his mother said, “Let’s think about what’s happening in this room at this moment.” his mother said,” Let’s take a deep relaxing breath.”

“Ok,” Alex said, breathing deeply.

“Close your eyes, Alex and tell me what you notice now that you’re paying attention to this moment.” his mother said.

Alex sat quietly for a little while.

“I hear the birds outside the window,” Alex said,” I feel the warmness of the sun coming in the window. I smell pancakes and bacon!”

“Now pay attention to your breathing, Alex.” his mother said softly, “keep breathing deeply. Do you feel yourself relaxing at all?”

“Yes,” Alex said, “I actually do.”

“Let’s just stay this way for a few minutes.” his mother said softly.

After a little while, Alex opened his eyes and took another deep breath.

“I feel a little better,” Alex said, “I didn’t think I would, but I do. “

“That’s good, Alex. Here’s something to think about that may help you. When we worry about what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow, we miss out on today. You won’t enjoy being in the play if you‘re worried about what might happen. At that moment you will be missing all the things that are happening.  And in the end, it doesn’t matter if everything goes perfectly. It doesn’t matter if everybody remembers every line. The important thing to remember is to enjoy just being in the play.” his mother said.

“I got up in a grumpy mood this morning, “Alex said, “I didn’t really give this day a chance to be good. If I think about it a little differently, this day can be great no matter what happens. “

“That’s true.” his mother said.

“I guess I only have one more question,” Alex said.

“What is it? “his mother asked.

“Are there any pancakes left? “Alex said with a grin.

“Yes, Alex. Let me get you one. “his mother said.

That night as Alex was getting ready for bed, his mother came into his room to say goodnight.

“Thank you for helping me this morning, Mom,” Alex said, “The play was great!”

“That’s wonderful, Alex!” his mother said, “So it wasn’t a disaster?”

“No, “Alex said, “We all made mistakes, but we sure did have fun!”

“That’s what really matters,” his mother said, “Goodnight, Alex.”

“Goodnight, Mom,” Alex said.



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