We offer a range of support options if you have experienced a bereavement

Grief and loss are like a weight that presses down on your heart, a storm that ravages your soul. We all experience it, but each journey is uniquely our own. In the depths of sorrow, emotions overwhelm us, engulfing us in a sea of sadness. But that’s not all.

It’s okay to feel lost, confused, and isolated. It’s natural to be consumed by anger, to question why life can be so cruel.  Sometimes, though, grief takes a different form.

It numbs us, leaving us hollow, devoid of all emotions. We desperately grasp at the reality of what has transpired, searching for meaning amidst the void. Regrets haunt us, words left unsaid, opportunities missed. We blame ourselves, wondering if we could have done more if we somehow failed to protect the ones we cherished. 

The world feels different now. Overwhelming waves crash against us, leaving us gasping for air. Social situations become treacherous battlegrounds, filled with uncertainty and unease. Worries multiply, consuming our thoughts, and robbing us of peace. We find ourselves constantly fretting, desperately trying to ensure the well-being and safety of those closest to us. 

Grief plays cruel tricks on our minds. Concentration becomes a distant memory, slipping through our fingers like sand. Appetite and sleep patterns turn topsy-turvy, leaving us exhausted and disoriented. The intensity of our emotions can be downright terrifying.

It feels as though we are alone in this tumultuous storm as if nobody truly comprehends the magnitude of our pain. It’s as if an earthquake has shattered our world, leaving us fragile, vulnerable, and utterly helpless amidst the rubble. 

Bereavement, it’s a journey we will all embark upon, sooner or later. But you don’t have to face it alone. At Anxious Minds Counselling Service, we extend our hand to you. We offer solace, a lifeline amidst the chaos. Our one-on-one counselling aims to help you navigate the labyrinth of emotions, to find solace and understanding.

We provide a safe haven where you can share your thoughts, your fears, and your shattered dreams.  In these dark times, we are here for you. Our doors are open, ready to embrace you with compassion and empathy. Reach out to us, and together we will navigate this labyrinth of grief. Remember, you are not alone.

Bereavement Counselling

Talking with others about how you feel can really help. This can sometimes feel difficult as you may feel the desire to withdraw and be alone with your grief. However, talking with someone and sharing your thoughts, feelings, and memories can help to ease the pain of grief. It may be that you need to talk and have someone listen to you or to have a space with someone else to be upset or tearful. It also may be you want to go over happy memories you shared of the person who has died with someone else who knew them.

Talking to a counsellor offers you a confidential, safe place to be listened to, understood, and accepted to help you to make sense of how you feel at this difficult time we are here to help.

Bereavement Support Group

Our bereavement support group is facilitated by two experienced Bereavement Counsellors and runs weekly for six weeks. We have no more than ten attendees, so the group is small. When the group starts, everyone is new to the group and so everyone is in the same boat.

It is also a closed group, so nobody new joins after we have started. The group can provide you with support and the opportunity to meet others who are going through a similar experience which can be a great comfort.

The group is a safe, confidential space to explore the following topics:

  • Physical and Emotional Effects
  • Looking after yourself
  • Loneliness
  • Managing Difficult Emotions
  • Remembering and Holidays
  • Finding Meaning and Moving on

If you would like to attend the group or more information, please call us on 0191 262 0305 or email info@anxiousminds.co.uk. We will offer you an opportunity to attend an individual assessment to find out if the group is the best option for you or you can just come long to our centre in Wallsend for a chat.