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Mental Health Support for Veterans




Every year British military sufferers of post traumatic stress disorder have died in suspected suicides. This year it has been extremely more difficult for the veteran community as suicide rates rise. Please do not let us forget about the thousands of veterans and their families that are not physically injured on the battlefield but still hold the scars that struggle daily with mental health, alcohol and other addiction issues.

Veterans Families, the veteran support project of the mental health charity Anxious Minds does not just support the veteran in crisis. It supports the family complete, providing support for both adults and children.

We provide much needed mental health services to veterans and their families and with your support, Veteran Families can provide even more counselling and psychotherapy services to both adults and children from the veteran community as well as support for alcohol and addiction recovery.

With local communities support, we can make sure North East veteran families get the support they need.

Please help us bring them home.


How we help

£20 will pay for a counselling session

£40 will pay for a support group

£40 will pay for an addiction support group

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Suicide Prevention & Addiction


Suicide Prevention

  • represents the first increase since 2013.
  • Three-quarters of registered deaths in 2018 were among men (4,903 deaths), which has been the case since the mid-1990s.
  • The UK male suicide rate of 17.2 deaths per 100,000 represents a significant increase from the rate in 2017; for females, the UK rate was 5.4 deaths per 100,000, consistent with the rates over the past 10 years.
  • Scotland had the highest suicide rate in GB with 16.1 deaths per 100,000 persons (784 deaths), followed by Wales with a rate of 12.8 per 100,000 (349 deaths) and England the lowest with 10.3 deaths per 100,000 (5,021 deaths); figures for Northern Ireland will be published later this year by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.
  • Males aged 45 to 49 years had the highest age-specific suicide rate (27.1 deaths per 100,000 males); for females, the age group with the highest rate was also 45 to 49 years, at 9.2 deaths per 100,000.
  • Despite having a low number of deaths overall, rates among the under 25s have generally increased in recent years, particularly 10 to 24-year-old females where the rate has increased significantly since 2012 to its highest level with 3.3 deaths per 100,000 females in 2018.
  • As seen in previous years, the most common method of suicide in the UK was hanging, accounting for 59.4% of all suicides among males and 45.0% of all suicides among females.

Feeling helpless, worthless or hopeless are common feelings associated with feeling suicidal. Often these thoughts can be overwhelming and prevent you from feeling anything else. Sharing or expressing these feelings can be helpful and talking to a trained provisional can save a life.

How we can help

£20 will pay for a counselling session

£40 will pay for a support group

£40 will pay for addiction support group


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