Rectruit4Good Supporting North East Mental Health

Anxious Minds is proud to announce the launch of its new Jobs board linked to a network of recruiters across the North East and the UK. Post a job for a donation and help improve North East Mental Health or upload your CV to our database.

208,125 live UK Jobs on Recruit4good Funding North East Mental Health

North East Charities Jobs Board Helping People Back to Work & Fund North East Mental Health Support.

Whether you are looking for North East Jobs or Jobs across the UK, we will help you find your next job role, or if you are seeking a skilled and experienced employee, Recruit4Good is here to help. We only display live up-to-date North East Jobs and Jobs across the UK, from genuine employers and real opportunities. Searching and applying for jobs is easy the online registration is free and it only takes a few minutes. Once you’ve registered you can improve your job search by creating a talent profile and signing up to receive email alerts for the types of vacancies you are interested in.

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Sage Foundation Founder Member Joins The Board

Graeme Houghton Director of Sage Foundation has been given the opportunity to work with Edward Dean GCGI. Our CEO and the team at Anxious Minds to gain real-life experience of working in a grass-roots non-profit. I’m looking forward to seeing firsthand the amazing work and impact the team delivers, but more importantly to understanding the challenges they face on a daily basis and identifying where companies like Sage are well placed to offer skills-based support to help them #KnockDownBarriers and thrive.

Graeme Houghton has now joined the Board of Trustees at Anxious Minds to help improve North East mental health.

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Trusthouse Charitable Foundation Supports Veteran Families

Trusthouse Charitable Foundation Funds Award Winning Veteran Families Project.


Veteran Families Recovery College and Support Service receives 3 years of funding from the Trusthouse Charitable Foundation. This funding will help North East Veteran Families waiting for NHS veterans mental health services and provide long turn support for veterans and their families leaving the services.



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Veteran Foundation Backs Addiction Support Network

Outstanding News for North East veterans and their families. The Veteran Foundation gives a Grant of £30,000 to Anxious Minds to help set up the Veteran Addiction Recovery Network due to start in January 2022 providing online and in-house support groups


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Anxious Minds Wins 3 National Awards in 2021

We are so proud of all our staff and volunteers for winning 3 National Awards in 2021. The charity has worked so hard over the past year supporting as many people as possible with all our centers.

Anxious Minds Chief Officer says we are dedicated to supporting North East people anyway we can, mental health services are under a lot of pressure but charities like Anxious Minds need funding to keep the doors open


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Winner of the Soldiering on award 2021

Anxious Minds are delighted to have won the Soldiering on award 2021 (health and rehabilitation award).

We have a combined experience of over 80 years working within the Armed Forces Community

It should be obvious that working in a uniformed service can bring danger and stress. Every day our uniformed services work long hours in sometimes very dangerous conditions. They keep us all safe, but sometimes this can come at a personal cost.

It’s an unfortunate reality that these people can, and often do get hurt physically and mentally. It can be the same for veterans of all of the services. A soldier out on the front line, witnessing horrors that many of us could probably never imagine.

These can lead to PTSD, depression, phobias, anxiety, relationship problems, drink and drugs.

Anxious Minds understands that wounds sustained in the service of your duties is not always physical and can affect anyone,  Our founder was diagnosed with clinical depression, chronic anxiety and PTSD, after he left the Armed Forces on completion of 22 years of service and struggled to find support.  We understand that the real battle for those affected in service can often begin at home. We are able to offer confidential support to those suffering from anxiety and depression, safe in the knowledge that they will be looked after and supported when needed.

It is crucial to understand that, no matter how much of a grip your anxiety or depression has on you at the moment, it CAN be removed or managed with the right support, together we can beat anxiety and depression. If you are a veteran of any of the services, then just give us a call.

Our Veteran Support Centre on Newcastle waterfront

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Newcastle Hiking (Group) 3 peak challenge

A massive well done to everybody who took part in Newcastle hiking groups 3 peak challenge, they raised over £1000 that will go towards the veteran project, providing early intervention and long term support for veterans with mental health and addiction issues.

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Fusiliers run 300 miles covered, in 72hrs

Mental Health is a big issue, particularly within the veteran community. By donating to our event you will be assisting both The Fusilier Aid Society and Anxious Minds charities. These charities support serving soldiers and veterans that are struggling.

The event will start on 24th September 2021 and will comprise of six soldiers from A Coy Fifth Fusiliers running from the First Fusiliers Headquarters in Tidworth, Wiltshire, to the Fifth Fusiliers Headquarters in Newcastle Upon-Tyne. A total distance of 300 miles covered, in 72 hours. Each pair of runners will cover approx. 33 miles a day, for 3 days.

As the event unfolds, please look out for updates on the Fusiliers Facebook page, as we plan to conduct live feeds of the event, as well as interactive meetings, where you can speak to the runners, during the event.

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World Bantamweight Boxing Champion Walks For Children


  • Rates of probable mental disorders have increased since 2017
  • In 2020, one in six (16.0%) children aged 5 to 16 years were identified as having a probable mental disorder
  • increasing from one in nine (10.8%) in 2017. The increase was evident in both boys and girls
Commonwealth, British and World Bantamweight Boxing Champion Stuart Hall with friends john Howard and graham walker. Walks 100 miles for North East Children in support of Anxious Minds in our save the children fundraiser campaign.
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Anxious Minds Announce Partnership

Anxious Minds announce partnership with REED in Partnership and the Learning Curve Group after Winning Two National Awards and being Shortlisted on a Third.

Leading Mental Health charity, Anxious Minds has just announced a new partnership with REED in Partnership and The Learning Curve Group, who are providing back to work support and courses to people going back into employment.

Anxious Minds has had a presence in the North-East since 2014. It has been a registered charity since October 2015. However, the development of its two new centres in Newcastle and Northumberland has increased its support, across the North East.

The New Centres will provide support for Veteran Families and Women in Crisis. Allowing fast access to addiction, mental health, support into employment and education.

The Charity’s CEO (Edward Dean) has been shortlisted on this years Soldiering On Awards under the health and rehabilitation category.

The veteran families project provides addiction support, counselling, support into housing, access to welfare and employability support to ex-military and their families, empowering them to regain their independence, recover and thrive and contribute in our communities.

Edward Dean, CEO of Anxious Minds, commented,

“Anxious Minds is delighted to announce the partnership with REED in Partnership and the Learning Curve Group. Collaboration is one of our key values and it is vital that organisations work together to provide the best possible services for all the families we support. I am delighted to be shortlisted on the soldiering on awards, veteran families will be a priority as we move forward and we are already working with some of the leading North East Veteran Charities including All Call Signs, Veterans in Crisis, East Durham Veterans Trust, AFV Launchpad, The Fusilier Association and NHS VTILS Service along with others”






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