Anxious Minds buys Woodlands

Support For Veteran Families – Support For Children – Support For The Wider CommunityPreviousNext Anxious Minds buys Woodlands 30 minutes outside of Newcastle to set up New Outdoor Therapy Centre . The centre will be located in 200 acres of beautiful ancient woodlands and will provide support to veteran families and the larger community.

Veteran Families Crisis Centre

Veteran and CEO of Mental Health Charity Anxious Minds, who started the charity with his own War Pension and savings then worked for the past 5 years as a volunteer is opening the Veteran Families Mental Health Centre in Blyth February 2021.

Anxious Minds Launches Veteran Project

Behind every Soldier or Veteran, there is a loving supportive family or partner, we call this the Armed Forces Community. It can be very difficult for families leaving the services to find support for themselves and their children, and when one person in the family is struggling with mental health or addiction issues, it can affect the whole family. We at Veteran Families provide mental health support for adults and children, and advice services on making claims and support back into work.

Anxious Minds Launches Mental Health Lottery

The Mental Health Lottery was set up to raise funds for Anxious Minds, who provide counselling and psychotherapy, and support for alcohol reduction like a lot of other smaller charities they get very little in funding and support a large number of people from some of the most deprived and hard-hit areas of the North East.

Marathon man

Phill runs Edinburgh Marathon in support of North East charity Anxious Minds “‘I chose to fundraise for Anxious Minds because I feel there is a distinct lack of services for people suffering with their mental health and a fantastic charity like this could be a lifeline for many people.’” Raising a total of £1282.41 to …

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