Counselling with Anxious Minds

Since its inception in 2015, Anxious Minds has been a steadfast provider of counselling services throughout the North East of England. Winning multiple awards for our work, with each passing year our services have broadened, and we look forward to further expansion in the years ahead.

Our services now encompass a diverse clientele, including children, adolescents, educational institutions, corporate entities, individuals and military veterans. In response to varying needs and preferences, we offer a versatile approach to counselling, including in-person sessions, virtual meetings via Teams, and phone support. It is our enduring mission to ensure that high-quality counselling is both affordable and accessible to all who require it.

Quality is the cornerstone of our services, and we attribute this to our dedicated clinical team. Our exceptional group of professionals are continually evolving, enriched by seasoned counsellors with specialised expertise, and also by providing avenues for newly qualified counsellors to refine their skills with us.

Placement Counsellors

Anxious Minds is always looking for trainee counsellors for placements, we¬† work with a lot of adults and young people and it doesn’t take that long to get your hours done and your training with the best. We have counselling centres in Blyth and Wallsend . If you have submitted an application we will be in touch in due course.

Volunteer Counsellors

Anxious Minds acknowledges the challenges that come with pursuing a career in counselling and as a charity we are always looking for volunteers . We are dedicated to supporting newly qualified counsellors who are seeking additional experience with various client demographics, as well as those who may have taken a break from the profession and are looking to regain their confidence and embark on their vocational journey.

We invite applications from counsellors who have successfully completed a level 5 counselling qualification and have fulfilled a 100-hour placement requirement. Our goal is to assist counsellors in elevating their practice to new heights. We are offering a volunteer opportunity that comprises 50 hours of counselling work. While this role is unpaid, we will cover the costs of your supervision, provide you with clients to work with, and ensure a suitable space for counselling sessions is available. Our objective is to bolster your confidence, enabling you to advance in your counselling career with renewed confidence.

Interested individuals are welcome to submit their applications to volunteer with us at any time.

Please email CVs to