Complaints Policy

Both complaints and comments can help us to learn to do things better, and are to be encouraged, listened to and taken seriously. Details will be recorded in a book kept for this purpose.

  • Complaints should not be responded to in haste, or defensively, but in the light of established facts.
  • Complaints must be referred to a member of the management committee.
  • The officers of the committee shall decide who will respond to the complaint, and what is the necessary process for dealing with it.  In general, the principle is that complaints should be dealt with at the lowest level in any hierarchy, and preferably as informally as possible.
  • Complaints must be investigated properly, however, and referred to an outside agency if necessary, – for instance if the complaint is against the management committee as a whole, or if investigation necessitates a higher degree of impartiality and independence from Anxious Minds