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Corporate sponsorships choosing Anxious Minds

Every company wants the best for their employees, and to support them when experiencing mental health problems.

A person with mental health issues can affect the whole workforce, especially because of how anxiety and depression can affect productivity and work attendance.

We work to improve the emotional well-being and mental health of the people we work with, by directly listening to their experiences and campaigning for change.

Within any company there are employees who will be dealing with stress and anxiety themselves. A partnership with Anxious Minds would not only bring your company multiple benefits, but will allow you to demonstrate a commitment to issues directly affecting your employees.

What are the benefits ?

By choosing Anxious Minds as your next charity partner, you will be able to make a tangible impact to people suffering from mental health problems. Whether you choose to support us through staff fundraising, annual donations or another method.

Whether or not your company has worked with a charity before, we’ll make it easy for you to get involved. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to provide your company and colleagues with fun and inventive fundraising ideas, engaging newsletters, real-life stories, photos and videos for use in internal communications and we’ll work with you to produce exciting joint press & PR opportunities.

As a small charity, we often have a need for volunteers using their professional skills to help us – it could be contributing to our IT strategy, our marketing plans, or even support for our annual mail out.  If your company is interested in volunteering, we will work with you to match our needs with interested volunteers.

We can work with you to help raise awareness of mental health issues within your company to help support your employees better understand mental health and mental health problems. Working with Anxious Minds means you can directly help both employees families and friends, and people working within the company who might be struggling.

To speak to us about your company supporting Anxious Minds, please contact Eddie on 07404 513470  or email

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