Anxious Minds Crisis Point: Helping to Address the Mental Health Emergency in the North East

The Problem

The North East region of the United Kingdom is grappling with a disconcerting increase in suicide rates, significantly higher than the national average. Furthermore, over 100,000 adults and children are currently on waiting lists for Mental Health Support Services. For those on these waiting lists and their families, every day can be a struggle. The situation has reached a tipping point, creating a crisis that demands immediate attention and action. We have up to 30 counsellors and five centres supporting local people in need.

Introducing Anxious Minds Crisis Point

In response to the dire need for timely mental health intervention, we propose the establishment of “Anxious Minds Crisis Point.” This specialised initiative aims to bridge the service gap by offering immediate, life-changing support to both adults and children at crisis point.

Target Demographics

  • Individuals identified as at high risk for suicide
  • Adults and children experiencing severe emotional distress
  • People currently on waiting lists for NHS Mental Health Support
  • Underserved communities with limited access to mental health facilities


Walk-in Crisis Centre

Strategically located in North Tyneside for immediate in-person support, assessment, and intervention.

Telehealth Services

For those unable to reach physical locations, online consultations and emotional support can be made available.

Peer Support Programs

Individuals who have successfully navigated similar crises will be trained to offer support and guidance with peer support groups and classes.

Emergency Counselling Services

Immediate access to professional counselling to assess and manage the crisis.

Community Outreach

Working within the communities to identify and assist those at risk.

The need for fast, accessible mental health services in the North East has never been more critical. Anxious Minds Crisis Point aims to become a beacon of hope and vital support for those teetering on the edge. With community involvement, we can save lives and offer a brighter future for those in crisis.

Tel: 0191 262 0305