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STOPP  CBT in a nutshell.  5 first aid self help steps. Learn this one key skill ! STOPP 2 handouts on 1 sheet

STOPP Light – simpler version

STOPP Light – 2 handouts on 1 sheet

STOPP cards


Alphabetical List of Information Leaflets & Self Help Guides

Accepting Anxiety

ACE:  Achieve, Connect, Enjoy

ACT:  Accept, Choose, Take Action

Action for Hapiness Action Pack

Adult ADHD


Alarming Adrenaline

Anger Self Help

Anger Quick Reference

Anorexia Self Help

Anxiety Self Help

Anxiety Quick Reference

APPLE:  Tolerating Uncertainty

Are you Happy?


Automatic Thoughts

BACES: Body, Achieve, Connect, Enjoy, Step back

Behavioural Activation: Increasing Activity

Beyond our Control


Bulimia & Binge Eating Self Help

Cards:  8 pocket sized reminder cards

Change, Accept or Let Go?  What are my options?

Chronic Pain / Fatigue Self Help

CLEAN:  5 steps to personal wellbeing

Colour : self help & breathing visualisation

Communication Styles

Cycling metaphor:  CBT for Cyclists

Dealing with Distress – 39 pages, DBT based

Dealing with Negative Emotions

Defusion Exercises ACT.  Seeing thoughts differently.

Depression Self Help

Depression Quick Reference

Dialectics:  Creating the Bridge to Middle Ground

Different Perspectives

DRIFT: The Distrant & Restless Inner Focus Trap

EMDR  Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing

Emergency or Soothe Bag / Box : First Aid for Distress

Emotions:  thoughts, feelings, behaviours

Fact or Opinion?

Fact or Opinion cards

Fear or Danger?

Finding Alternative Thoughts

Flashbacks:  Coping with Flashbacks including Grounding techniques

Food & Mental Health: Nutrients Table

Food:  Health Eating & Depression

GAD Self Help   Generalised Anxiety Disorder & Worry

Great Dream

Groups:  CBT open group therapy

Health Anxiety Self Help

Helicopter View

Imagery for Cancer

Imagery Self Help

Imagery:  Safe / Peaceful Place

Increasing Activity:  Behavioural Activation

Insomnia Self Help:  sleeping problems

Keep Calm & Carry On:  cards on blue

Keep Calm & Carry On:  cards on red

Keep Calm & Carry On: poster on red

Keep Calm & Do No Harm:  cards on red

Keep Calm & Do No Harm: poster on red

Mind Bully

Mindfulness:  introduction

Mindful Breathing

Mindfulness of Emotions


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