We started the charity Anxious Minds because of the lack of good quality and free support that was available in the North East. The lack of access to help at short notice struck us as something that needed quickly improved. We firmly believe that anxiety and depression suffering is hugely limiting and is ultimately a waste of the richness of human potential.

“I personally couldn’t find any free support groups, education classes, or relaxation therapy that was immediately available in the Newcastle area when I was suffering with anxiety, depression and PTSD.”

It is very clear: people with anxiety and depression need much more support than what is currently available. Your families and friends, your sons and daughters, everyone can be impacted and find themselves isolated and on yet another waiting list. If we can join together we can do something about this situation: together we can beat anxiety and depression.
Anxious Minds provides support for Anxiety and Depression

The increase of pace of modern life has resulted in an increase in anxiety and depression. So much so that we are now living in an age in which both these debilitating conditions are widespread. The demands on us are endless: longer hours; stressful situations; dealing with issues that our ancestors did not have to even engage with. No wonder so many find life overwhelming. It is our responsibility to reach out and help those who are vulnerable and struggling to cope.

Please donate today and help us

We provide life-changing support for those who are most at need, by offering free access to education and self-help for their conditions and free group sessions. The important thing is that our services are completely free: we want to reach out and help those who are most vulnerable and can’t afford expensive therapy treatment. If they can’t seek professional support we provide treatment and support that they can access anonymously. We continue this process until they have either made a recovery or they have started professional mental health treatment.

Your donation

If you donate and support our causes today you are directly helping us to reach out and influence more vulnerable people in the North East. Moreover, you are allowing us to increase our involvement in a wide range of future projects, further growing the influence of Anxious Minds. Anxious Minds is a Registered Charity Number 1164040. We are staffed completely by volunteers, so any donations will go on support for sufferers, not on wages. Please give generously and we can do more. We put a lot of effort into doing this because we care. We want to help and with your support, we can do so much more.

Donate in Memory

Raising funds and dominating in memory of a loved one is a very special and positive way to remember them. It can mean a lot during a time of sadness and can provide a tribute that lasts for many years. You can honour and celebrate their life in numerous ways: receiving donations instead of flowers, or simply collecting at a funeral can really help us. You could also make an online donation or create a tribute fund. Funeral directors can also collect donations online.

Joining and bringing together all your friends and family is a positive and lovely way to raise both funds and awareness for mental health charities. By donating, you are helping us to improve our resources and therefore having a positive impact on those who are suffering.
Email us at info@anxiousminds.co.uk or call 0191 262 0305


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