supporting vulnerable people across the North East

Providing Early Intervention And Long Term Support

At Anxious Minds, we believe that everyone deserves to live a safe and happy life, and have a rewarding job and a life free from addiction, abuse with the right support for your mental health.

We also believe that, given the right support, we can all change our lives for the better, we help over 3,000 people overcome their problems and live safe, successful, independent lives each year.

Over 40 Counsellors and 20 addiction support workers working across the North East, We want to make it as easy as possible for you to access the support you need when needed.

No child should be on a waiting list for counselling and we are determined to change this by asking for your support to a local charity.

With your support, you could help us expand our work across the North East and into Schools. Our aim is to support entire families, parents and pupils to look after their own mental health and help young people get the support they need before they reaching crisis point. This year, I am asking the people of the North East to help us, we have already done so much, but we need to do more!  Please help us by donating and supporting us and together we will beat Anxiety and Depression.

Tel: 0191 262 0305


We understand what it’s like to struggle with your emotional wellbeing, addiction and abuse and we are here to help.

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Our Support

Support for mens mental health

We provide a large range of provisional support for mens mental health

Support for young people

Providing early intervention for young people including counselling and support groups

Support for veteran families

We provide much needed support to the Veteran community including
Addiction, Mental Health, Signposting

Support for addiction and reduce alcohol

The alcohol reduction project is limited to areas in North Tyneside

Support back into work and education

We also provide support to help people move-on back into education and work

Support for isolation and loneliness

If your feeling a little low or want a chat and a cuppa come and say hello in our community drop-in centres

Counselling Supervision

Low Costing Clinical Supervisory Service for counsellors who work with a range of client’s experiencing emotional distress

Support for women only

We provide a large range of provisional support for women including
Counselling,Addiction and Abuse

Support for students

We provide lots of different placement opportunities to support students going into mental health

Our Safespaces

Our Meadow Well Recovery Centre

Our Support Groups

Our Wallsend Recovery Centre

Our Talking Therapies Centre

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What a great service, I had to pay a donation but I fully understand after speaking to the chief officer, they receive little to no funding which is a shame because of the number of people waiting for mental health services, a lot more charities can learn from their example, a great charity that I will be supporting from now on.
All aspects of my experience have been great fun the first phone call I made to the receptionist who was super helpful and reassuring. The man that runs the centre greeted me at the door and made me feel much more at ease my counsellor was a total gem. The meetings we had were personal and helped me reflect on how to move forward, I don’t know what I would’ve done without this fantastic service
I found it useful, just to talk and through that process. Been to discover more about. I have found the therapy to be worthwhile and would return it if I needed other avenues did not work out.
Great sessions where I felt safe and able to share real feelings. Essential for me to be able to move on from a really hard time, giving me a “Tool Box” on how to cope going forward.
Has been such a positive experience, Ive learnt a lot about myself and have been greatly supported. I have felt welcomed, relaxed and listened to. Has been great to work through my difficulties It has had such a positive impact on my life and relationships and I feel more able to cope with challenges going forward. Thank you so much.
I was extremely anxious. Anxious Minds was recommended to me by a friend who had used the service. From the beginning I was treated with respect and kindness. I found talking in a non judgemental environment helpful and gained valuable strategies in coping with my anxiety.
I have been able to unload and be listened to which was very helpful. When I first came to Anxious Minds I felt very repressed and unable to express my feelings but with patience off Billy and his ability to not Pre Judge. I have come away feeling lighter in my mind and more able to take back control.
I found it useful, just to talk and through that process Ive been able to discover more about me. I have found the therapy to be worth while and would return to it. If I needed it and other avenues, did not work out.
Great sessions where I felt safe and able to share real feelings. Essential for me to be able to move on from a really hard time. Giving me a tool box an how to cope going forward.
My experience of Anxious Minds was very pleasant and positive, I was helped to organise my chaotic thoughts into a more positive outcome
I have been in and out of mental health services for years, with little to no progression in understanding my mental health condition, I came across Anxious Minds on the Internet and applied for some support within two days I joined a support group 6 months later and I now understand how to manage my condition.
I was really struggling with depression and had tried several times to get support from the NHS through my GP total waste of time just kept getting promised for the phone call until I came across Anxious Minds and within a week I was in counselling and I am in a much better place now thanks to there excellent friendly staff.
I have been suffering from anxiety since the age of 18, it is only now at the age of 43, I finally understand how to manage my condition thanks to Anxious Minds. I highly recommend.
I felt very comfortable in the setting for my sessions. my counsellor was a most caring and understanding person. Over the weeks I have felt more positive in my attitude to life and family and mostly have felt as though a great burden has been lifted.
Feel that it has helped me understand my feelings and given me ways to manage, some strategies I need to be more familiar with, others have been more immediately helpful and insightful. Thank heavens this service is here as an almost immediate option for people like myself who need it.
I have mental health problems and had experiences that have caused me to become much worse and the person I met at anxious minds has really helped me and I have benefitted greatly from talking about my issues and felt valued and listened to .Thank you very much for everything.
After 11 months waiting to see an NHS counsellor I came across Anxious Minds and within days of contacting them I had my first counselling session. I can’t thank them enough for their kind support and I’m now finally at a place where I can cope.


Thank you to all our partners