We get thousands of people visiting our online Radio Station and Social Media network every week as we are number one, on page one of Google for mental health Radio Stations and our YouTube Channel is growing fast.

Do you feel you have what it takes to work in Media?

Do you feel you have something to say about mental health and want to use Social Media to talk about it and raise awareness?

Anxiety, depression, stress, and unhappiness are becoming more common as people are struggling to cope in this modern age. Mixed anxiety and depression are the most common mental health disorders in Britain, and that is even without considering all the cases that go undiagnosed.

We are using social media to raise awareness of mental health and addiction in the North East and provide self-help tools and education to the people we support. We are looking for the following to help develop this charities Media Stations and talk openly about mental health.

Like most of our work we do this is a unfunded project that is much needed as Social Media is not going to go away and it gets a lot of bad press. We are looking for volunteers. Our YOUTUBE CHANNEL alone has had over 80,000 views so join our team today and lets use social media for good .

Do you have a passion for radio?

Are you comfortable talking on air?

If you feel that you can talk live on the radio or create pre-recorded podcasts talking about mental health issues, life, and growing up in the North East, then get in touch and join our team of presenters.


Do you have a passion for creating content?

Want to be a YouTube Star?

Would you like to make YouTube content for us? Our YouTube Channel is growing fast and we need more people to make videos about mental health to keep our channel growing and to help more people. So if you think you can join the team and help this project grow get in touch.





Are you good at creating captivating content that people find helpful?

We have 3 websites that need content on lots of topics. We need new content all the time on mental health.


Do you know how to grow a social media presence ?

We currently have 5 social media accounts and we would like to have more but it takes up a lot of time, so if you have experience in social media please get in touch.


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