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What is Anxious Minds?

We are a new charity based in Newcastle, England, that supports sufferers of anxiety and depression. Our charity is run solely by volunteers and 100% of all donations we receive goes towards providing better services to our members, both online and in-house. Anxious Minds provides long-term support as well being there for early intervention.


What happens on this website?

We created this website so that we could build a safer community for sufferers. Here you will not only find support but you can benefit from advice, tips, tools and useful links to other organisations. The Anxious Minds website shares stories of encouragement to help you find courage and begin your recovery.


Why become a Member?

We can accomplish anything if we work together. We can change the way anxiety and depression is supported for the better – forever.


In the words of out Chief Executive:

When I got ill I had no choice in the matter. I was put on waiting lists and abandoned to get on with it. But I do have a choice on how I fight back and how I can support others in the future so this never happens again.”

And so do you!


What can I do?

  • Join our community
  • Write for the blog
  • Make a video for our YouTube channel
  • Add information and links to the website
  • Tell people about us
  • Share and like our Facebook information
  • Volunteer
  • Raise funds
  • Anything as long as we make a difference



email: anxious.minds@yahoo.co.uk

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