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Anxious Minds is a caring charity that offers expert counselling in the North East. For over ten years, our team of therapists has been helping people feel better using proven methods. They guide you to see more clearly, find ways to cope and enhance your mental health. The services are easy to reach, adapt to your needs and fit your schedule.

Key Takeaways

  • Award-winning mental health support provider
  • Specialised in a wide range of counselling and therapeutic services
  • Empathetic and professional approach to improving client well-being
  • Over a decade of experience in the field of mental health support
  • Flexible and accessible counselling options tailored to individual needs

Comprehensive Counselling Services for Mental Well-being

North East Counselling Services Anxious Minds offers accessible and cost-effective mental health support. We have a variety of counselling and talking therapy services to meet the needs of people in the North East.

Affordable Counselling and Talking Therapies

Our experienced counsellors deliver affordable talking therapies. These help clients face challenges and enhance their mental health. A 50-minute private counselling session costs £25 at present.

Face-to-Face, Telephone and Group Counselling Options

Our counselling is available in various ways. This includes face-to-face in Blyth and Wallsend or at outreach venues in the North East. Telephone counselling is also an option as is video counselling.

Specialising in a Wide Range of Needs

Our team of counsellors are compassionate and fully qualified. They work to help clients conquer their challenges and enhance their mental health.

To book an appointment, you can call 0191 262 0305, send an email to, or sign up on our website. We aim to secure the first appointment within a week of your first contact with us.

“Our mission is to provide accessible and personalised mental health support to the people of the North East, empowering them to live their best lives.”

Counselling Services

We’re dedicated to providing affordable counselling and therapies. We aim to support the mental well-being of those in the North East. So, if you’re dealing with anxiety, depression or issues in your relationships, our team is ready to help.

Community Mental Health Support

We work hard to support those facing mental health issues. We focus on helping individuals in their local areas. 

We have created a space for a special kind of community. It’s a safe place where everyone feels they belong. Here, people are encouraged to be their very best. 

Fostering a Community of Warriors and Survivors

At Anxious Minds, we create a welcoming hub. We bring together those who wish to support and be supported. This network helps everyone face their issues with strength and courage. Clients boost each other up through discussions and shared activities.

community mental health services

The support and understanding I’ve found within the Anxious Minds community has been truly life-changing. It’s not just a place for therapy, but a space where I feel accepted and empowered to be my authentic self.”

– Jane, Anxious Minds Client

Key Highlights Details
Peer-Led Approach Clients learn from each other’s expertise and lived experiences, fostering a dynamic environment of support and understanding.
Community of Warriors and Survivors Anxious Minds cultivates a space where individuals feel a deep sense of belonging and acceptance, empowering them to aspire to be their best selves.
Comprehensive Support Anxious Minds’ holistic approach to mental health support ensures that clients receive the care and resources they need to thrive, both individually and as part of a supportive community.

Veteran Mental Health & Addiction Support

We know the special hurdles veterans and their families face with mental health and addiction. At Anxious Minds, our goal is to offer early help and support long-term to these individuals. Our team is fully committed to those from the Armed Forces who are battling these difficulties.

Additionally, we join forces with various charities and local groups to cover all aspects of veteran health and wellbeing. This includes help with housing, relationships, money and work. By offering such widespread assistance, we aim to support veterans fully in rebuilding their lives with new-found confidence and strength.

If you are a veteran or a family member, our team is here to support you. We know starting this journey can be tough. But, we’re determined to ensure everyone from the Armed Forces community gets the help and support they rightly deserve.

Service Description
Op COURAGE This service, provided by the NHS, focuses on mental health for those in the military, veterans, and their families.
Reserves Mental Health Programme This service from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) helps reservists with mental health checks and treatment advice. It works closely with the NHS and Defence Medical Services.
Combat Stress They have a helpline just for veterans where they can get mental health support any time of the day, any day of the year.
Togetherall This is an online platform offering mental health support. It has trained counsellors, safe discussion forums, and free help for those who have served, reservists, veterans, and their families.
North East Veteran Recovery College This group provides counselling, support groups, and outdoor therapy to those who look after veterans and veterans themselves in the North East area.

At Anxious Minds, we are your steady partner on the road to better mental health. Let us assist you in finding the support and resources needed to face your challenges. With our combined effort, we can create a better tomorrow for our veterans and their loved ones.

Outdoor Therapy in a Tranquil Setting

Anxious Minds’ outdoor therapy helps people reconnect with their mental health. It’s set in a peaceful private woodland near Prudhoe. Here, clients can enjoy the calming embrace of nature.

Various activities are used to reduce stress and boost happiness. 

The benefits include less anxiety and depression, better social skills and improved behaviour.

Reconnect with Your Mental Well-being

The woodlands are perfect for finding peace. 

Tailored Activities Amidst Nature’s Embrace

At Anxious Minds, clients get to do activities in nature. Most find the sessions help them see things clearly and feel more hopeful. This type of outdoor therapy is seen as very positive for many clients.

“Being in the woods has been a transformative experience for me. The sense of peace and connection I feel is unlike anything I’ve experienced before.”

It’s a chance to boost mental well-being in a lovely setting. The programme uses nature’s healing power wisely.

Fundraising for Improved Mental Health Services

Anxious Minds is at the forefront of mental health support in North East England. It’s dedicated to making its services better and more available through fundraising. It aims to work with the community to gather resources. This will help more people get the care and support they need.

Anxious Minds uses many ways to fundraise. It looks to partner with groups that want to improve mental health services. 

Also, Anxious Minds invites local businesses and groups to join in their fundraising. This can bring in funds and build community spirit. It also spreads awareness about mental health needs. 

By working with various partners and the local community, Anxious Minds believes it can make its services better. This will truly help those who need their help the most.

“Through our fundraising efforts, we aim to break down the barriers to mental health support and ensure that no one in our community is left behind. Together, we can create a future where everyone has access to the care they need to thrive.”

– Anxious Minds, CEO

Veterans and Community Kitchen & Food Bank

The Veterans and Community Kitchen and Food Bank at Anxious Minds are there to help. They offer hot meals and a place of support for all, including veterans and those who are homeless or unemployed in North Tyneside. They are open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Also, the AFVBC is part of it on Fridays from 10:30 am. Their goal is to tackle hunger and make sure no one feels alone.

Nourishing Hot Meals and a Supportive Environment

It’s not just about food at the Veterans and Community Kitchen and Food Bank. They aim to create a supportive environment for people to get help, connect, and look to the future. Their services include a food bank, a special area for veterans and help with finding work again. This shows they understand the different needs of those they help.

They want to feed both the body and the soul. They offer warm meals and a place where everyone can feel like they belong. They welcome veterans, the homeless, the unemployed and the vulnerable with open arms. The project fights against hunger, the feeling of being alone and the lack of support in the North Tyneside area.

“The Veterans and Community Kitchen and Food Bank is more than just a place to get a hot meal. It’s a sanctuary where people can find solace, build connections, and take steps towards a better life.”

Anxious Minds is helping those in desperate need. They are a lifeline for the most vulnerable in the community.

Advice Services for Guidance and Support

Anxious Minds’ Advice Services are key in helping people make tough choices and overcome tough times. They cover many areas like managing money, finding the right job and growing personally. These services are for everyone, not just veterans and their families. The charity wants to reach even more people with their help soon. They are a proud member of Advice UK, which means they promise top-notch advice and support when you need it most.

Accessibility is a big part of Anxious Minds work. They try to get you help fast and aim to book your first appointment within a week of you getting in touch. This quick service shows they understand the stress of needing help right away.

Their Advice Services are open to many, like carers, former military and young people. They work hard to help these special groups, ensuring everyone has a chance to get the support they deserve.

As part of BACP, NCPS, QNVMHS Anxious Minds follows important ethical rules for counselling. This means they focus on being trustworthy and professional. They make sure their services are of the highest possible quality.

If one-on-one counselling isn’t right for you, they also offer group support. They want to make sure they can meet your needs in the best way possible. Their goal is to help you on the road to feeling better for the long term.

Service Description Cost
Private Counselling No waiting lists, choice of counsellor, availability of skilled workers, and flexibility in session times. £25 per session
Community Counselling Free sessions, free initial assessment, and targeted intervention-based work. Free when funded

Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention

At Anxious Minds, we know how crucial it is to help people in crisis and prevent suicide. Our goal is to make sure anyone facing mental health issues gets the help they need quickly.

We offer a wide range of services to support those in crisis or feeling suicidal. We act fast to give them the help they need right away.

For urgent help, you can call NHS 111 any time. They can tell you about local crisis services right away. You can also contact Samaritans, Papyrus, CALM or Rethink for support and advice.

Our work doesn’t stop at helping directly. We also aim to educate and help others spot the signs of someone in crisis. Together with our partners and volunteers, we create a caring, safe space for everyone.

We value every life and are committed to making a positive impact. We offer hope and support to those dealing with mental health crises and thoughts of suicide.

Anxious Minds North East Counselling Services

There are more than 30 counselling professionals at Anxious Minds. They provide help for individuals, couples and families. 

Services are available in across the North East,with online, and over the phone. They also help in schools. This makes it easier for people to get help. Anxious Minds keeps everything private. This means they won’t share attendance records without permission, unless someone is in immediate danger.

Some groups in North Tyneside, like war veterans, can get help for free at Anxious Minds. For those wanting to improve their skills, there are chances to work there in various roles. This shows they care about their team’s growth.

“Anxious Minds has been a lifeline for me during a difficult time. The compassionate counselling professionals have helped me navigate my mental health challenges with care and understanding.”

– Ben, Client

Employment and Education Support Services

Anxious Minds is all about helping people facing both job struggles and mental health issues. They work closely with big names like Reed in Partnership and The Wise Group. Thanks to the UK Shared Prosperity Fund via the North of Tyne Combined Authority, they know the many tough hurdles their clients meet.

Helping Individuals Achieve Employment Goals

Anxious Minds has a special way to help people. They break down barriers, boost self-belief, and find real jobs for those who really need this support. They offer advice on jobs, help look for jobs, and run workshops to build new skills. These services aim to empower clients and guide them towards finding work.

But it’s not just about jobs. Anxious Minds helps with learning too. They open doors to courses, training, and education. This means people can learn more, gain new skills, and become better at finding work. By focusing on education, Anxious Minds wants to prepare people well for the job market and for a successful career in the long run.

Statistic Value
Veterans and Families Supported with Mental Health & Wellbeing from 2021 1,200
Counselling and Support Group Sessions Delivered from 2015 1,899
Children and Young People Supported with Mental Health from 2015 2,218
Adults Supported with Mental Health and Survivors of Abuse from 2015 1,502

Anxious Minds does a lot to help in work and education. They’ve been key in helping people with mental health issues and those who’ve been out of work a while. Their work with partners and their special approach really changes lives for the better.


Anxious Minds, a dedicated charity in the North East, excels in supporting mental health. Their comprehensive approach includes talking therapies, outdoor activities and more. With a team of experts, Anxious Minds employs the best strategies to help individuals understand, cope with and improve their mental well-being.

The group offers a wide range of services, from personal counselling to job assistance, and provides crucial support during difficult times. Anxious Minds is committed to fostering growth and well-being, earning a reputation for exceptional mental health support in the North East.

In today’s world, the demand for mental health support is greater than ever. Anxious Minds addresses this need by helping individuals cope with issues ranging from sadness and stress to major life changes. They are a cornerstone of the community, dedicated to building resilience and offering support. Their blend of talking therapies and community activities is making a significant impact, positioning Anxious Minds as a leader in empowering people to support themselves and each other.


What services does Anxious Minds offer?

Anxious Minds offers affordable counselling. They do face-to-face, phone,video and group sessions. They focus on anxiety, depression and relationship issues.

How does Anxious Minds support the local community?

Anxious Minds uses a peer-led method. They support people with mental health struggles. Their goal is to create a supportive community.

What support does Anxious Minds offer to veterans and their families?

Anxious Minds helps veterans with mental health and addiction problems. They work towards their recovery and personal goals.

What is the purpose of Anxious Minds’ outdoor therapy sessions?

Anxious Minds’ outdoor sessions allow people to refresh in nature. The serene space lessens stress and boosts happiness. They also teach mindfulness.

How does Anxious Minds support the community during the cost of living crisis?

To help with the North East’s high cost of living, Anxious Minds offers food and advice. They have a hot food service and a food bank. This assists those struggling.

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