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North East Veteran Recovery College | Support for Veterans

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The North East Veteran Recovery College provides a wide range of support services and rehab programmes. These are specially designed for veterans, active military and their families. They cover areas like Durham, Sunderland, Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland. The college is run by a team of experts, many of whom are former military members. They take a full approach to care, focusing on mental health and getting veterans back into local communities.

The college offers sessions for counselling, workshops, support groups and help with issues like alcohol and drug misuse. Their goal is to support veterans’ practical needs while building a sense of togetherness and friendship. This is key as veterans move from the military to civilian life.

Key Takeaways

  • Comprehensive support services and support with addiction tailored for veterans and families
  • Holistic approach to mental health and community reintegration
  • Dedicated team of professionals, many of whom are veterans themselves
  • Wide range of counselling, workshops, support groups and targeted assistance
  • Fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie for veterans and their families

North East Veteran Recovery College

The Veteran Recovery College team knows that veterans and their families face unique mental health challenges. They provide services like counselling and women-only support. Workshops and groups help with drug and alcohol issues. These are here to give practical help and a sense of togetherness for veterans and their families.

Veterans Mental Health North East

Many in the team have been on the front lines. They understand the struggles of moving to civilian life. For these veterans, the (North East Veterans Recovery College) AFVBC events are a lifeline. They provide a welcoming space for everyone, including those from the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force.

Veterans Mental Health Support in the North East

The NEVRC is a space for veterans to unwind, feel support and make friends. Events are made especially for veterans. They aim to connect with old friends and find new ones who understand the service life.

Their services include mental health checks and therapy. They also do one-on-one help, workshops and courses. The aim is to support veterans and their families overcome mental health struggles and get back to work.

To use these services, you need to be a veteran or family member. Or you must have a mental health issue. Veterans can get in touch with the College directly for support. Or, they can check the College’s website. Services are made just for veterans’ needs.

“The Tyne and Wear (North East Veterans Recovery College) AFVBC offers a warm and welcoming environment where all are welcome, including Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, and Royal Air Force (serving or veterans).”

Counselling Services for Veterans and Families

The North East Veteran Recovery College understands the tough times veterans and their families face. It gives a wide variety of veteran counselling and talking therapies to help them. You can choose from online counselling, phone counselling or in-person counselling to make getting help easy and close by.

Qualified, skilled BACP accredited counsellors and QNVMHS accredited counsellors offer these counselling services. They are keen on supporting the journey back to mental health. It’s all about creating a safe place for anyone involved.

Talking Therapies

The college has special talking therapies just for veterans and their families. They include CBT, ACT, and person-centred counselling. With these, veterans get ways to handle anxiety, PTSD, depression and other feelings.

Online, Phone, and In-person Counselling

There are more than just direct counselling times. The college also has online counselling and phone counselling. This means help can come wherever you are in a way that fits your life. No need to stress about getting there. Everything is set up for easy access.

The counselling services at the North East Veteran Recovery College have been an absolute lifeline for me. The therapists are compassionate, knowledgeable, and really understand the unique challenges that come with being a veteran. I’m grateful to have access to such high-quality support.”
– Julian 

Service Contact Information Description
SAMARITANS Freephone Veterans Support Hub 0808 175 3075 (24/7) Provides immediate support to veterans in crisis.
NHS 111 medical help hotline Call 111 (24 hours) Access to emergency medical advice and assistance.
COMBAT STRESS urgent psychological support 0800 1381619 Offers immediate psychological support for veterans.
SHELTER urgent housing support 0808 800 4444 Provides crisis intervention and housing assistance.
Help for Heroes Helpline 0300 303 9888 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm) Offers wellbeing advice and support for veterans and families.

The college works with big names like SMART Recovery, Togetherall, ABF The Soldier’s Charity and Veteran Foundation. This gives veterans lots of options, like online counselling, quick help in emergencies, and getting out in nature.

The College is set on helping veterans and their families fully. With a mix of counselling services and talking therapies, life can get better. We’re here for your lasting mental health recovery.

Mental Health Resources and Information

The North East Veteran Recovery College promises to give top-notch veteran mental health resources. They want to help veterans and their loved ones. 

Mental health covers many conditions. These include how we think, feel, act and handle life. To help, they run classes. These are led by Recovery Coaches who have faced mental health issues. The classes teach many things. For example, they help improve skills and wellbeing. They also raise awareness about different conditions. Plus, they encourage creative ways to recover. Employment tips are also shared, all to help in the whole recovery journey.

It’s key to know that going to the Veteran Recovery College won’t be on your medical record. And, all the courses are free. This makes it a welcoming place for veterans and their families. 

The college works hard to give veterans and families what they need for mental health. They have a skilled team of counsellors. These experts are ready to offer the help and advice required for such an important journey.

“Mental health recovery is a holistic journey, empowering individuals step by step towards well-being.”

If you need help with veteran mental health resources, reach out to the college. You can call at 0191 308 4030. Or, you can email at

Qualified and Experienced Counsellors

The Veteran Recovery College has a team of top-class counsellors. They are registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and accredited by Qualified Network Veterans Military Health Services (QNVMHS). This means they are the best at what they do. They help with a wide range of mental health issues like anxiety, PTSD, depression, and more. They also help with anger management, abuse, bereavement, stress and how people see themselves.

Support for Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, and More

The counsellors at the Veteran Recovery College have lots of experience with veterans. They know the unique problems veterans can face. So, whether it’s help for anxiety, depression, or anything else, these counsellors are prepared to help. They offer personalised support and the latest therapies for real change.

This team also helps with anger management, abuse and coping with loss. They care deeply about veterans and their families. They tackle stress and self-esteem issues too. Their goal is to help everyone improve their mental health and enjoy life.

“The counsellors at the Veteran Recovery College have made a tremendous difference in my life. They understand the unique needs of veterans and have provided me with the support and tools I need to manage my PTSD and anxiety.”
– John, Veteran

veteran recovery college

Outdoor Therapy and Nature-based Activities

The North East Veteran Recovery College strongly links mental and physical health. They offer many outdoor therapy services for their clients’ recovery journeys. These include activities like hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, wooden school and rock climbing through their woodlands in Northumberland and with local partners.

Outdoor therapy mixes physical activities with healing in nature. It helps clients boost their confidence, lower anxiety, and learn new ways to deal with life. Studies show it can lower depression, anxiety and addiction symptoms. There was a big drop in these problems with 92 trials focusing on nature-based therapies in a 2023 review.

The college makes sure everyone can join in by providing transport to the outdoor events. This effort shows their dedication to help their clients improve mental health. It’s widely known that getting close to nature is good for health and happiness, especially for those who were not so well off to start with.

Outdoor Therapy and Nature-based Activities

Nature and outdoor activities help with a sense of purpose and belonging. They boost self-acceptance and independence. For children, being in nature helps brain development and can even make ADHD better. People feel more supported and in control of their recovery after taking part in such activities.

Spending time in nature makes people feel less alone and more part of a community. It strengthens the ties between people and makes them want to care for nature. This way of treating people is also cheaper and lasts longer than more traditional methods.

Those who feel a deep connection with nature are often happier and do better in life. This is true for both adults and the jobs they do. There are several ideas explaining why this happens, all showing how nature is good for us.

Even with all this proof, a government report in 2023 pointed to a problem. It said it’s hard to find enough nature-based help for those who need it most in mental health.

“The great outdoors has an incredible power to heal. We’ve seen first-hand how activities like hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking can transform the lives of our clients, helping them build resilience, find purpose, and reconnect with their inner strength.”

– Nick, Outdoor Therapy Coordinator, North East Veteran Recovery College

Mind, Body, and Spirit Therapies

At the North East Veteran Recovery College, you’ll find the Mind Body Spirit Centre. It supports veterans and their families through various therapies like massage, yoga, and mindfulness. These practices aim to help in relaxation, stress reduction, pain management, and overall health improvement.

Massage Therapy for Stress Relief and Pain Management

Massage therapy is great for easing both physical and emotional pain. Skilled therapists at the Centre use different techniques to reduce pain, tension, and issues like PTSD and anxiety. Massage promotes relaxation, better blood flow, boosts the immune system, and helps sleep quality.

Yoga Therapy for Holistic Healing

Yoga therapy is important at the Centre for bringing mind, body, and spirit together. It helps veterans with mindfulness, flexibility, strength, and emotional balance. Regular yoga practice lessens depression and anxiety symptoms and improves overall mood and wellbeing.

Mindfulness Therapy for Stress Management and Emotional Wellbeing

Mindfulness is at the heart of the Centre’s work. It’s about being in the moment and accepting it. This method is great at reducing stress, improving sleep, and enhancing immune function. Veterans learn to regulate emotions better, become more resilient, and feel more peace inside.

By combining massage, yoga, and mindfulness, the Centre helps veterans and their families heal and grow. These therapies create a space for reconnecting with physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This connection leads to a better life quality and an increased sense of health and energy.

Breath Therapy for Stress Relief

Breath therapy helps people cope with stress and anxiety. It focuses on making breathing better. This brings resilience and control during tough times.

It makes our breath work for us. This lowers our heart rate and makes us calm. It’s good for those who faced trauma, like veterans and their families.

This therapy is easy and flexible. You can do it anytime, anywhere. It fits well with other treatments, like medicine or talk therapy.

Adding this to your life helps handle stress. It brings emotional balance and wellbeing. It’s a useful, gentle treatment for better mental and physical strength against challenges.

Breath Therapy Benefits Supporting Evidence
Reduced Stress and Anxiety 1 in 4 people in the UK have a mental health problem affecting their normal daily life, relationships, or physical health.
Improved Emotional Regulation RCTs have shown that exposure therapy protocols for PTSD are effective across different populations, such as female rape survivors, male and female veterans, and refugees.
Enhanced Mental and Physical Resilience Approximately 80% of participants treated with cognitive processing therapy and PE reached remission at posttreatment point and maintained stability in the long term.

Breathing helps everyone, from veterans dealing with trauma to people wanting a better life. It’s a great way to build resilience and find relief from stress.

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.” – Colin Recovery College Mindfulness instructor 

Fitness and Wellness Programs

The Veteran Recovery College knows how important exercise and health are for veterans’ well-being. They have a wide variety of fitness and wellness activities. These are made for the special needs of veterans.

Gym Membership, Boxing, and Mind-Body-Spirit Fitness

Members get a month free gym pass. This lets them use the gym’s equipment for better health. They can also join boxing classes for strength and less stress.

The college believes in a total wellness approach. So, they have fitness for body and mind. This includes yoga and meditation. The goal is to make veterans feel better and learn stress management. These activities help increase confidence and improve coping skills.

Veteran boxing class

Each program is designed for every individual at the college. They aim to improve physical health, reduce stress, and boost mental well-being. The College is dedicated to helping veterans in every way possible.

“The fitness and wellness programs at the North East Veteran Recovery College have been a game-changer for me. They’ve not only helped me get in shape but have also provided me with valuable tools to manage my anxiety and improve my overall well-being.”

– John, a veteran and member of the North East Veteran Recovery College

The College offers many choices for health and fitness. This helps veterans be in control of their well-being. The aim is to help them live a healthier and happier life.

Community Outreach and Support Services

We know it’s tough going from military to civilian life. We offer lots of help so veterans and their families can start again, make new friends, and do well.

Our peer support groups are key. They give veterans a place to talk with others who understand. Here, they can share stories and tips without fear of being judged. We also plan fun events and trips. These outings help veterans meet new people and enjoy time out together.

Along with support groups, we help in finding jobs and learning new skills. Our team guides veterans in making top-notch resumes and gets them ready for interviews. Then, we help them find jobs with our connections. We also show them how to handle money and find a good place to live. Plus, our life skills classes teach them how to do everyday tasks well.

Service Description
Peer Support Groups A safe and supportive community for veterans to connect, share experiences, and offer mutual encouragement.
Social Events and Activities Regular outings and gatherings to help veterans build new relationships and engage with the community.
Employment Assistance Support with resume building, interview preparation, and connecting with potential employers.
Transition Assistance Guidance on navigating the complexities of civilian life, including financial management and housing solutions.
Life Skills Training Practical workshops and resources to help veterans develop the skills needed for independent living.

The college’s goal is to support veterans and their families in every way. We want them to belong and succeed after serving.

Accessing the Veteran Recovery College

It’s easy to use the services at the North East Veteran Recovery College if you fit the criteria. This college is for veterans, those still in service, and their families. It’s all about tackling the specific mental health issues these groups face.

If you’re eligible, you can refer yourself or someone else to the college. The college’s goal is to make sure veterans and their families get the help they need to move past challenges and start anew.

The college works closely with GPs, charities and mental health teams in the area. They offer custom support programmes to meet veterans’ diverse needs. These services include help for mental health, fighting addiction, access to food banks, veterans’ kitchen and support to get back into work.

At the college, they value the power of supporting each other and building a community. They know that making social connections is key in healing. This approach has won them many awards for their outstanding work.

The college works with many groups, including the NHS Recovery College Collective. This is to make sure veterans and their families get the exact help they need for their mental health and overall well-being.

Eligibility Criteria Referral Process Contact Information
  • Veterans
  • Military personnel
  • Veteran families
  • Veterans with specific mental health conditions
  1. Visit the Veteran Recovery College website
  2. Locate the “Referral” section
  3. Follow the provided instructions to make a referral
Phone: 0191 3084030

By linking up with the Veteran Recovery College, North East veterans and their families get the help they need. This support paves the way for better mental health and a brighter future.


The North East Veteran Recovery College is a ray of hope for veterans and their families. It provides a wide range of services. This includes mental health support, outdoor therapy, fitness, and reaching out to the community. The aim is to assist veterans in overcoming hurdles, handling their mental health, and merging back into society.

This college has changed the lives of many veterans through its fresh methods. It has partnered with local bodies, charities, and health organisations. This ensures veterans get the exact support they need. This partnership aims to help veterans enhance their health and prosperity.

Whether you’re a veteran dealing with mental health problems or looking for help in returning to civilian life, this college is here for you. It uses a complete approach to help veterans heal. The aim is to give them the means and support to regain control of their lives and be successful within their communities.


What services does the North East Veteran Recovery College provide?

The North East Veteran Recovery College gives many services to veterans and their families. This includes counselling and outdoor therapy. They also offer mind-body-spirit therapies, fitness programs, and community outreach support. Their aim is to help veterans deal with mental health issues and fit back into civilian life.

What kind of mental health support is available at the Veteran Recovery College?

The college offers individual and group counselling, workshops and support groups. All their counsellors are registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and QNVMHS. This means they provide top-quality help with PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

What kind of outdoor and nature-based activities are offered?

The College has its own woodlands and works with local groups for outdoor activities. These include hiking, kayaking and mountain biking. Such activities help with mental health by combining exercise and time in nature.

What mind-body-spirit therapies are available?

The Mind Body Spirit Centre offers massage, yoga and mindfulness. These therapies can help with stress, pain and sleep. They also improve mood and strengthen the immune system.

How can veterans and their families access the services at the Veteran Recovery College?

To use the college’s services, veterans should meet specific criteria. This includes being a veteran or having a mental health condition. Veterans can refer themselves by contacting the college through their website.

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