We call our support groups the ‘Let’s Talk Project’. It is all about getting sufferers of anxiety and depression supporting each other. At Anxious Minds, we know that one of the greatest ways to overcome these two insidious disorders is to socialise and meet new people. It’s hard to ruminate about negative things when you are actively involved in something.

So, we focus our resources on providing numerous support groups. These take three forms, and all of them are free, either online or in person. There is no need to be alone.

1.  The first thing to do is sign up to our online community by clicking HERE, and then start attending one of our free support groups. If you are not in the North East of England, no problem. We also provide online CBT therapy and support groups through our online community.

2.  If you can bring yourself to do one thing, it should be to request to join our Facebook group, it is so effective because it is an always-online support group.  Our group is a closed group, which means that only members can see what you post, or see that you are in it. It is an always-online active support group, where you can get support and chat with others going through what you are absolutely any time of the day. One of the greatest ways to combat anxiety and depression is to feel connected. Whether it’s discussing helpful books or putting your name forward for a meeting, our Facebook group makes it all so easy. You will also be able to chat with the owner and discuss/ask any questions you may have about information on the site; for example, how to get started exercising. It is also possible to share links or documents you think others may find useful. Someone is always on the other end ready to reply because it is always online.


Our Peer Support Groups

We are looking to expand our services around Newcastle and Gateshead, if you can offer a free venue we can start a group in your area  e-mail: anxious.minds@yahoo.co.uk


RECOCO  Recovery College

Peer Support Group

Address:  Anderson House, Market Street, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE1 6XA

Day:  Every Monday

Time:  19:00 till 20:00


North Tyneside

Meadow well

Art Group

Address: Meadow well Connected, the Meadows, Waterville Road, North Shields NE29 6BA

Day:  Every Friday

Time:  14:00 till 15:30




Peer Support Group

Address: The Vault 31 Station Rd, Wallsend NE28 6RL

Day:  Every Monday

Time:  17:30 till 18:30


Peer Support Group

Address: The Vault 31 Station Rd, Wallsend NE28 6RL

Day:  Every Wednesday

Time:  17:30 till 18:30

Our Online Support Group

Visit our online Recovery Colage for online support groups and counselling    click here



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