photo of a Calm and peaceful lakeThe NHS recognises mindfulness as a significant addition to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for people who have suffered from repeated bouts of depression. Many participants of Anxious Minds have gained benefits from a mindfulness practice.

But what is mindfulness?

There are many definitions but they mainly revolve around these core ideas:

  • Mindfulness is when you pay attention to what is happening now, in the present moment, with your 5 senses (plus your awareness of thoughts and feelings).
  • Mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts without getting involved with them.
  • Mindfulness encourages attitudes of acceptance, appreciation and kindness (but is NOT positive thinking) toward whatever you are aware of in your body or mind.

There is more information within the Online Mindfulness course in the Community.

Mindfulness Workshops

Join us to learn the practical methods of mindfulness, what it is and how to do it. These are advertised via the Online Community and facebook page.

Mindfulness Drop-in

Once you know something about mindfulness, either via our on-line course or the more extensive Workshops (or elsewhere), you can pop along to our Mindfulness Drop-In sessions held weekly in North Tyneside (Wallsend), Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (coming soon) and west Gateshead (Blackhall Mill near Chopwell). Advertised via the Online Community and facebook page.

These are facilitated practise sessions where you have the opportunity to ask questions. Although no two weeks are likely to be the same, typical exercises include:

  • Mindful body scan
  • Meditation
  • Outer awareness practices – as practice for;
  • Inner awareness practices – to gain insights on exactly HOW you think (not WHAT you think)
  • Visualisations to develop the beneficial attitudes for your mindfulness practice
  • Breathing techniques (done mindfully).

A selection of the above practical exercises will be practised each week and take up to one hour. These are not teaching sessions but there are an additional 30 minutes so you have a chance to ask questions or get help with any problems with your mindfulness or meditation.

Mindfulness Community Group

Within the Online Community, there is a Mindfulness Group. You are welcome to join once you are a member of the Community. Here, the Head of Mindfulness and others are available to answer you questions. You will also be able to meet others interested in gaining the benefits of mindfulness. You may also find people who have used mindfulness to help them with stress, anxiety and/or depression. The emphasis is on supporting each other in your mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness books and products (shop)

Look out for products and books to help you with your mindfulness practice within our shop. This helps you gain the knowledge and tools to develop your practice but also helps Anxious Minds gain a little-needed funding.


Please take a look at our events calendar for full list of classes and workshops, together we will beat anxiety and depression

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