Uniformed Services Support Group

Anxious Minds is proud to be supporting our veterans of any of the services, we offer support to all our uniformed services, veterans and their families.



It should be obvious that working in uniformed service can bring danger and stress. Everyday our uniformed services work long hours in sometimes dangerous conditions. They keep us all safe, but sometimes this can come at personal cost.

It’s an unfortunate reality that these people can, and often do get hurt physically and mentally. It can be the same for veterans of all of the services. A firefighter who has witnessed the aftermath of a diabolical blaze. A police office attacked by criminals. A soldier out on the front line, witnessing horrors that many of us could probably never imagine.

These can lead to PTSD, depression, phobias, anxiety, relationship problems, drink and drugs.



Anxious Minds understands that wounds sustained in the service of your duties is not always physical and can affect anyone,  Our founder was diagnosed with clinical depression, chronic Anxiety and PTSD  after he left the Armed Forces and struggled to find support.  We understand that the real battle for those affected in service, can often begin at home. We are able to offer confidential support to those suffering from anxiety and depression, safe in the knowledge that they will be looked after and supported when needed.

It is crucial to understand that, no matter how much of a grip your anxiety or depression has on you at the moment, it CAN be removed  or managed with the right support, together we can beat anxiety and depression. If you are a veteran of any of the services, then just give us a call.




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