Anxious Minds firmly believes that to improve and maintain our services, emotional health and wellbeing, we must work with other services and organisations in the community. We have a long history of joint working and inviting external facilitators to visit groups to talk provide specialist support, e.g. around debt or sexual health. We are also committed to providing support to other organisations when our capacity allows.  

If you wish to discuss ideas on how your organisation and ours can work together for the benefit of the people we serve with mental health issues and vulnerable people in the North East, please contact us to share your ideas.

Our Current Partners Include:


    Citizens Advice Witness Service & Victims First

           Support for witnesses and victims crucial for justice




North Tyneside Probation Service

The National Probation Service is a statutory criminal justice service that supervises high-risk offenders released into the community.


Citizens Advice and Victims First has highlighted the importance of the right support for victims and witnesses of crime giving evidence in court today.

Anxious Minds is working on the The North East Liberty Project working in partnership with the North East Citizens Advice Witness Service, Victims first and the Probation Services, supporting victims of crime and abuse suffering from Mental Health issues, across the North East. The three services support around 900 service users per mouth, many of them needing one to one counselling support for numerous reasons.


              Meadow Well Connected


    The Vault Well-Being Centre

                                                                 Moving Forward Together Project


We are launching our Moving Forward Together Project, which aims to support people in recovery from long-term mental health conditions to get back into work or find voluntary placements. The beneficiaries of this project will be people who have used our other services and feel they are in a position where they can manage their mental health conditions.




Dyslexia North East

  Support For All Project


Many individuals with dyslexia have experienced years of frustration and limited success, despite countless hours spent in special programs or working with specialists. Their progress may have been agonisingly slow and frustrating, rendering them emotionally fragile and vulnerable. Some have been subjected to excessive pressure to succeed (or excel) without the proper support or training. Others have been continuously compared to siblings, classmates, or co-workers, making them embarrassed, cautious, and defensive.

Individuals with dyslexia may have learned that being in the company of others places them at risk of making public mistakes and the inevitable negative reactions that may ensue. It makes sense, then, that many people with dyslexia have become withdrawn, sought the company of younger people, or become social isolates.

Anxious Minds will be working in partnership with Dyslexia North East on the Support For All Project to provide full support for people with dyslexia.




        Tyne Metropolitan College &

             Northumbria University

                                                                                     The Open Doors Project

Anxious Minds works in partnership with Tyne Metropolitan College and Northumbria University providing Work placements, Supervision and CPD Training and Workshops for students





                                   Age UK North Tyneside

Anxious Minds works in partnership with Age UK North Tyneside to provide a better support program for staff and volunteers.





                                         Newcastle Recovery College


Anxious Minds works in partnership with Newcastle Recovery College and RE-CO-CO collective by supporting them online and on our Radio show, provide support groups and workshops.




                                                                                    Association of Mental Health Providers

Anxious Minds is proud to be a member of the association of Mental Health Providers along with all the other amazing charitys

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