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Millions around the world do not seek professional support because of the stigma attached or because they simply cannot leave the home because of their condition or the cost of treatment is too expensive, this part of our website is for you, a series of self- help tools to support you on your road to recovery.

Finding a Support Group

Talking is probably one of the best treatments you can find when you have anxiety or depression and you don’t have to wait for a professional, find a peer support group or a activity you enjoy make friends and talk, here is a UK database of peer support groups

Start With Some Mindfulness

The evidence growing on the benefits of practising mindfulness is getting bigger and bigger all the time, mindfulness does not only help your mind but the physical benefits are also exceptional here you will find around 45 MB of downloadable MPEG 3 mindfulness sessions.

Increasing Activity Levels

Low mood can affect people in different ways which can impact their thoughts, their body on a physical level as well as what people do, or more specifically, what people may begin to stop doing.

Setting Goals

It’s important to set manageable goals when suffering from anxiety and low mood. Often people will suffer from added knock-on effects: such as low self-esteem, tiredness, and hide away from people.

Thought Challenging

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) uses cognitive interventions that relieve and modify the physiological disorders and its occupying negative thought patterns.

Problem Solving

Although people who experience low mood or anxiety may worry about things in general, sometimes there may actually be a need to deal with problems and difficulties in a practical way.

Facing Your Fears

If you remember the information from the introduction, people are experiencing the fight versus flight response when feeling anxious. The flight refers to avoiding or escaping the situation that causes anxiety

Getting A Good Night Sleep

Sleep is necessary too good physical and psychological health. Without it, even the healthiest of people will suffer from moods and even anxiety, as the body reacts to the lack of sleep.



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