The Drop-in & Recovery Centre is run by local volunteers and our trained mental health team working with the local community, the aim is to empower the community to help and support each other helping each other achieve their full potential.  For over 5 years we have provided local people with a safe space where they can access information, support, advice, and education.

With an average of over 200 services users a week accessing these services, a large range is on offer, designed to support local people to overcome many of the issues and challenges they are confronted with each day – loneliness the need to develop new skills; lack of self-esteem; lack of self-confidence; and being isolated.  All our work empowers people, to help each other:


Our aims are to:

  • Provide a peer-led, peer-delivered education and support service where people can learn from each other’s insights, skills, and lived experiences.
  • Enable connection and friendship
  • Provide opportunities that allow students to aspire to be their best selves.
  • Identify and recognise their innate strengths and talents, and their ability to help others.
  • Promote recovery through peer-led education and other peer-led activities.
  • Provide a focus for peer leadership, peer support and recovery-orientated practice.
  • Enable collaboration between other service providers and organisations that support these aims.


Award-Winning Recovery Centre

Our Recovery Centre is not funded and has been delivering a programme of courses, workshops and meetings to support and promote the mental health and wellness of adults in our community. It has over 2000 members and has the largest online community, north of the Tyne. We have done this through the hard work, enthusiasm and commitment of a team of volunteers and trained Counsellors, who have shared their understanding of what it’s like to struggle with mental health, using lived experience, self-help skills, and information on available services.

We also provided a range of activities, maintaining upwards of 15 different activities every week.

The centre belongs to the community we serve and a lot of activities we offer are requested by the members. A lot of people come to our Recovery Centre after trying the NHS Recovery Colleges and it has been a lifeline to hundreds of people during Covid 19.  

Our provision of service continued through the pandemic and as a result, we won a National award ‘The Best Vulnerable People Support Provider’ by North East England Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021


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