Voted Outstanding by services users and highest-rated service on Healthwatch North Tyneside in 2018, now offers support to local schools.

Offering support to pupils and staff members at an affordable cost 

We believe that having a school counsellor can have a negative effect on some pupils mental well-being.  Unfortunately, one counsellor can not deal with every issue that comes through the door as you need specialists in different areas of counselling.

That’s why Anxious Minds does not provide a single counsellor to any of the schools we support, and for the price, most schools are paying for an individual counsellor, they could be working with the Anxious Minds Schools Support Teams.

Costing Just £20 per session for staff and pupils.


This approach provides a more professional and cost-effective service for your school and consists of a clinical supervisor, project manager, counselling team trained in grief and loss, mental health, abuse, CBT and workshops on anger management and anxiety.

Counselling in schools can make an important contribution to supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of young people if it is delivered properly. Pupils experiencing stress or emotional problems find it difficult to reach their potential. A ‘listening ear’ can sometimes make a great difference.

If the worst happens and there is a crisis in the school where do you turn for support?


Counselling is one of the most common psychological interventions delivered in schools where children can explore, understand and aim to overcome issues in their lives causing them difficulty, distress or confusion.

It is viewed as an important, non-stigmatising strategy to help bring about improvements in mental health and wellbeing. Counselling helps children with personal, social and emotional issues affecting their wellbeing, attendance, learning and academic achievements, and relationships; and also develops skills to strengthen their resilience and deal with their problems and challenges.

We can provide all of the services you need to ensure your pupils and staff are mentally healthy for less than the cost of one counsellor and we also apply for funding to help pay.

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