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Sporting Minds is our fitness project for getting people active and aiding in recovery from mental health and addiction issues, we aim to provide education, exercise, and social events to help people get active, make friends and prevent social isolation, promote inclusion and togetherness.

      Helping You Get Active

As part of our Recovery program, we offer outdoor-based therapies primarily from our woodland premises in Prudhoe to families and individuals to encourage participation in exercise and build friendships. Activities include mountain biking, hill walking (featured on BBC1 in 2020) woodland breaks, kayaking, and rock climbing. As well as support for fitness classes and gym memberships.

It is well known that exercise and building support networks encourage and promote positive mental health. Likewise, outdoor engagement can provide a form of alternative mental health support and act as a “soft” engagement mechanism in our broader services for those a little nervous about engaging in counselling, etc.


            Hiking, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Woodland School, Rock Climbing



This project is available to anyone accessing any of our mental health projects as part of the recovery program


Some Feedback:

Evaluation question:  Have you recently been losing confidence in yourself?

Response:  “Through out the day my confidence has grown in talking to new people.”  LH  15th December 2021

Evaluation question:  I feel that what happens to me is out of my control.

Response:  “I have more confidence in coming out to activities to meet new people.  The afternoon has been very therapeutic for me. Thank you.    SB 15th December 2021

Response:  I’ve really enjoyed being here today, feel less stressed than when I came!  Thank you!  WBD HB 11th November 2021


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