Why supervision is important

counselling supervisionSupervision forms an essential part of our ongoing professional & personal development as therapists. Regular support with our work allows us to process & offload what’s happening for us in the room.

It provides us with the space to reflect honestly on our client work – the good, the bad & the ugly – & it supports us to hone our instincts, bracket off & draw from our personal experiences, & to learn how we can care for ourselves within this caring profession.

As with therapy, a good supervisory relationship is central to the success of the work & that is what we would like to offer you.

How we do it

At Anxious Minds, we understand that as counsellors we use our selves as the main therapeutic tool. We, therefore, consider supervision & personal therapy to be interchangeable processes.

We will meet you as an equal partner, collaborating with you in the quest for a deeper understanding of your clients’ personalities & presentations, & offering you support in finding your own personal style, so that you can be the best therapist you can be.

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Starts from £35 per hour

We also offer a Clinical Supervisory Service for supervisees who work with a range of client’s experiencing emotional distress in the private and voluntary sectors. All our team of qualified clinical supervisors have over ten years  in counselling or they don’t join our Clinical Supervisory team setting standards across the North East