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Anxious Minds joins the Counselling Directory

Anxious Minds is proud to join the Counselling Directory as a charity member. This great site is helping people to get fast access to mental health provisional’s across the UK.

If you are looking for support and your not in the North East please take a look at the Counselling Directory: https://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/

Look after each other.




Use the directory and find a qualified professional near you. They provide a wide range of services including counselling, therapy, and support groups.

Counselling is an important aspect of mental health support, and Anxious Minds is dedicated to providing access to quality counselling services to veterans and their families. Our counsellors are trained and experienced in working with the unique challenges that veterans face, and are committed to helping veterans and their families find the support they need.

Through our partnership with the Counselling Directory, we are able to connect veterans and their families with qualified counsellors across the UK. This ensures that veterans and their families have access to the support they need, regardless of where they live.

In addition to counselling, Anxious Minds also offers a wide range of other services to veterans and their families. This includes mental health support, career counselling, job search assistance, and training and skill development programs. We also provide assistance with accessing benefits and other government services.

Our goal is to support veterans and their families in finding the help they need to live fulfilling life. We are committed to providing veterans and their families with access to the best mental health support services available, and our partnership with the Counselling Directory is an important part of achieving this goal.

If you or someone you know is a veteran or the family member of a veteran and is in need of support, please contact us today. We are here to help, and our team of dedicated professionals is ready to assist you in finding the support you need.

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Support Groups from Anxious Minds Drop-in Centre

Support Groups from Anxious Minds Drop-in Centre

Header Outline:

  1. Introduction to Support Groups from Anxious Minds Drop-in Centre
  2. Benefits of Joining a Support Group
  3. How to Find the Right Support Group for You
  4. Tips for Making the Most of Your Support Group Experience
  5. Conclusion

Introduction: Anxiety can be a debilitating and isolating condition, but support groups offer a way to connect with others who understand and can provide encouragement and guidance. At Anxious Minds Drop-in Centre, we offer a variety of support groups for those struggling with anxiety and other mental health concerns.

Benefits of Joining a Support Group:

  • Sharing experiences and feelings with others who understand
  • Gaining new perspectives and coping strategies
  • Feeling less alone and isolated
  • Building a sense of community

How to Find the Right Support Group for You:

  • Research different support groups in your area
  • Consider the type of anxiety or concern you have
  • Look for groups that align with your values and beliefs
  • Don’t be afraid to try out a few different groups to find the best fit for you

Tips for Making the Most of Your Support Group Experience:

  • Attend regularly to build relationships and trust with other group members
  • Be open and honest with others in the group
  • Practice active listening and offer support to others
  • Take advantage of any additional resources or information provided by the group leader or facilitator


Support groups can be a valuable tool for managing anxiety and other mental health concerns. By connecting with others who understand and providing guidance and support, these groups can help individuals feel less alone and more empowered to take control of their mental health. If you’re struggling with anxiety, consider joining a support group at Anxious Minds Drop-in Centre.

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EE & BT Cycled 56+Miles For North East Mental Health

Outstanding A massive 56+ miles cycled for Anxious Minds by staff from EE & BT. Raising over £2,500 so far!

Well done everyone and thank you so much x



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Anxious Minds Wins Three Awards and Scoops Gold

A charity started by a veteran with his War Pension and Winner of the 2021 Soldiering On Healthcare and Rehabilitation Award, Anxious Minds, is proud to announce that it has received three more illustrious awards including: the Ministry of Defence’s Employer Recognition Gold Award.

The following press release explains Anxious Minds work, with a quote from Edward Dean, the organisation’s Volunteer CEO.

The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) is a Ministry of Defence run scheme which encourages employers to support the work of the Ministry of Defence and inspire others to do the same. The ERS Gold award is the highest award of the scheme, recognising organisations who actively support the Armed Forces community in their workplace.

Anxious Minds, alongside 9 other organisations in the North East, was honoured to receive notification of our Gold Award 2022

Anxious Minds has a host of company initiatives and policies in place to encourage and support service personnel in the workforce, including granting additional leave to Reservists so that they can fulfil their training requirements. Anxious Minds signed the Armed Forces Covenant in 2016, and has always had a forces-friendly environment within its workplace.

Edward Dean, the Volunteer Chief Executive Officer of Anxious Minds a veteran of 22 years service said: “It was fantastic news to hear that Anxious Minds has won another award for its work with veterans and their families. The Gold Award, under the Employers Recognition Scheme run by the MOD as part of the Covenant.”

“We are delighted with this award, it coincides with the other three National awards we have won for our work with the veteran community over the last 12 months and highlights the support that we have given to veterans and their families, reservists and a number of people that we employ within our staff and is a real recognition of the work our veterans team do across the Armed Forces Community.”

Awards Anxious Minds has won for veteran work.

  • ERS Gold Award
  • Best Veteran Focused Mental Health Service – North East England GHP Mental Health Awards 2022
  • Best Vulnerable People Support Provider North East England Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021
  • Soldiering on Award 2021 (Healthcare and Rehabilitation)

Anxious Minds Veteran Families Recovery College provides the following services for veterans and their families. All services are in-house from the college, we don’t signpost unless there is a need and we cannot provide the support by our partners. Our Aim is to improve the support veterans and their families receive in the North East.

  • Counselling
  • Addiction Support
  • Outdoor Therapy
  • Fitness Classes
  • Breakfast Club
  • Dinner Club
  • Food Bank
  • Welfare Support

The Veteran Recovery College – Wallsend North Tyneside

0191 308 4030

We are helping to build a better support network for our Armed Forces Community, highlighting a united commitment to our Armed Forces Covenant.



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Anxious Minds Wins 3 National Awards in 2021

We are so proud of all our staff and volunteers for winning 3 National Awards in 2021. The charity has worked so hard over the past year supporting as many people as possible with all our centres.

Anxious Minds Chief Officer says we are dedicated to supporting North East people anyway we can, mental health services are under a lot of pressure but charities like Anxious Minds need funding to keep the doors open


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Newcastle Hiking (Group) 3 peak challenge

A massive well done to everybody who took part in Newcastle hiking groups 3 peak challenge, they raised over £1000 that will go towards the veteran project, providing early intervention and long term support for veterans with mental health and addiction issues.


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Anxious Minds Announce Partnership

Anxious Minds announce partnership with REED in Partnership and the Learning Curve Group after Winning Two National Awards and being Shortlisted on a Third.

Leading Mental Health charity, Anxious Minds has just announced a new partnership with REED in Partnership and The Learning Curve Group, who are providing back to work support and courses to people going back into employment.

Anxious Minds has had a presence in the North-East since 2014. It has been a registered charity since October 2015. However, the development of its two new centres in Newcastle and Northumberland has increased its support, across the North East.

The New Centres will provide support for Veteran Families and Women in Crisis. Allowing fast access to addiction, mental health, support into employment and education.

The Charity’s CEO (Edward Dean) has been shortlisted on this years Soldiering On Awards under the health and rehabilitation category.

The veteran families project provides addiction support, counselling, support into housing, access to welfare and employability support to ex-military and their families, empowering them to regain their independence, recover and thrive and contribute in our communities.

Edward Dean, CEO of Anxious Minds, commented,

“Anxious Minds is delighted to announce the partnership with REED in Partnership and the Learning Curve Group. Collaboration is one of our key values and it is vital that organisations work together to provide the best possible services for all the families we support. I am delighted to be shortlisted on the soldiering on awards, veteran families will be a priority as we move forward and we are already working with some of the leading North East Veteran Charities including All Call Signs, Veterans in Crisis, East Durham Veterans Trust, AFV Launchpad, The Fusilier Association and NHS VTILS Service along with others”



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Wallsend Drop in Centre Officially Open!

Officially opened by the Mayor of North Tyneside on Friday 23rd August.

Drop in centre and educational support on self help based in Wallsend North Tyneside dedicated to supporting peoples mental wellbeing.

Come along, say hello and join our community.


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Anxious Minds launches radio station to raise awareness about North East Mental Health

North East mental health charity Anxious Minds launches community radio station project to raise awareness and talk about self help tools and facts about mental health issues.

You can Listen to AM Radio North East 24 hours a day via our website www.radio.anxiousminds.co.uk

​You can download our app from the Google Play store and Amazon store on
various devices including mobile phones, tablet’s, android boxes and
kindle. Search AM Radio North East.

​If you have an Alexa device, you can listen to Nova Radio by simply saying
“Alexa, play Nova Radio NE through TuneIn” and enjoy the content.

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Our Kirsty wins Volunteer of the Year 2018

Congratulations and a HUGE THANK YOU to Kirsty Adams for all the help and support she has given to Anxious Minds over the past year. Kirsty is an asset to the running of the office and without her Eddie wouldn’t be able to find ANYTHING!

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