Trey Gordon. is set to start a U.K. tour July 15th, and becomes Anxious Minds third Patron

For many years Trey has suffered with mental illness, and as a team we have decided it would be a perfect time to incorporate it into his tour, as we know there are many other individuals that go through the exact same thing. 

Trey is set to start his tour July 15th, going up and down the U.K. hitting a large number of radio stations, youth clubs and schools, speaking on subjects such as self belief, cyclothymia (which he has been diagnosed with) and the dangers and consequences with getting involved with drugs.

Followed by where he is at right now, his plans for the future and a live performance of his debut single at the end.

We have come to the conclusion that it would be amazing to work with Anxious Minds and raise awareness on where support can be found within the city.

The youth may want to reach out, but not know the first place to go, and Trey wants to be the voice to guide them as he feels strongly about information not being delivered to the younger generation as much as it could be.