Caitlyn holds a vital role as a mental health support worker at our esteemed recovery drop-in centre, prominently located in the Wallsend Forum. Her journey in the field of mental health and counselling is both extensive and impressive, characterised by dedication and an enduring commitment to aiding those grappling with mental health challenges.

Having invested two rigorous years in training as a mental health nurseā€”a role that demands not only comprehensive medical knowledge but also immense patience, empathy, and the ability to respond effectively to a range of mental health crises and challenges. During this period, her education and hands-on experience equipped her with the skills necessary to understand, assist, and navigate individuals through their most vulnerable moments, highlighting her proficiency in both theoretical knowledge and practical application in real-world scenarios. Beyond her nursing qualifications, Caitlyn further expanded her expertise by delving into the realm of counselling, achieving certification in both Level 2 and Level 3 courses.

These certifications are no small feat, as they require a deep understanding of human psychology and the development of strategies to facilitate more effective communication, foster emotional healing, and promote personal development among clients. Through these programs, Caitlyn has mastered a variety of counselling techniques, ranging from basic therapeutic communication skills to more complex, nuanced approaches required for handling severe or intricate mental health issues.