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The Association of Service Drop-In Centres

The Association of Service Drop-In Centres (ASDIC) represents and links veterans’ Drop-Ins across the country. Sometimes called Hubs or Centres, Drop-Ins offer a variety of welfare and mental health support, together with comradeship and a sense of well-being, to the ex-military community and their families, and ASDIC helps them to enhance the service they can provide and make them more accessible. It’s a hugely successful concept that’s been evolving at least since the Falklands conflict and has gained enormous momentum since the UK’s involvement in the Middle East interventions in the decades since. Quite simply, it’s a movement led largely by veterans for veterans – all Services, all ranks – in a huge number of locations across the country, where those who have served can just, literally, drop in and find everything from friendship and free coffee to some serious professional and focused advice and guidance.

Drop-In centres are an invaluable resource for veterans looking for support and assistance. The Association of Service Drop-In Centres (ASDIC) is a network of veterans’ Drop-Ins across the country that offers a wide range of welfare and mental health support, as well as a sense of community and well-being. These centres provide a safe and welcoming environment for veterans to come together and find support and assistance in their job search.

Drop-Ins typically offer a variety of services such as career, resume and cover letter reviews, job search assistance, and networking opportunities. Many centres also offer training and skill development programs to help veterans increase their employability. Some centres also provide mental health support services, such as counselling and therapy, as well as assistance with accessing benefits and other government services.

The ASDIC network of Drop-Ins is led by veterans, for veterans, and offers support to veterans of all services and ranks. These centres have grown in popularity and importance since the Falklands conflict and have become an essential resource for veterans looking for support in the decades since. With centres located in many locations across the country, veterans can easily find a centre near them and take advantage of the services they offer.

In North Tyneside, veterans can find the nearest Drop-In centre by visiting the ASDIC website and searching for centres in their area. They can also contact the ASDIC directly for assistance in finding a centre near them.

The Drop-In centres are staffed by dedicated professionals who understand the unique challenges that veterans face and are committed to helping veterans find employment and succeed


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