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Transforming Lives Through Our Armed Forces Veteran Breakfast Club

The Importance of Armed Forces Veteran Breakfast Clubs

Armed forces veteran Breakfast clubs play a pivotal role in society. They not only offer a safe haven for veterans and their families but also provide resources for a better life after service.

What Makes Our Veteran Breakfast Club Unique?

Personal Development Opportunities

A top priority for our Veteran Breakfast Club is personal growth. Veterans can get access to what ever support they need over breakfast. This can include workshops and training sessions aimed at skill development. Consequently, they find it easier to transition back into civilian life.

Networking and Support Systems

Being part of our breakfast club your joining a community that understands your background, this is invaluable. This sense of camaraderie helps members foster connections that can lead to job opportunities.

Services That Add Value

Healthcare Facilities

One crucial benefit is access to healthcare services tailored to veterans’ needs. Our advice teams ensures that our members receive the best possible medical care.

Counselling Services

Mental well-being is another focus. Through counselling services, members can address issues like PTSD and readjust to a new lifestyle.

Contributing to Society

Volunteer Opportunities

Veterans often participate in community service. These activities not only give back to society but also make veterans feel useful, impacting their self-esteem positively.

Why Join our Armed Forces Veteran Breakfast Club?

Broadening Horizons

Our clubs often organise events and trips, offering a much-needed break and a chance to explore new activities and interests.

Support Back into Education or Employment Programs

We are working in partnership with REED, Learning Curve, and the Wisegroup so we can always help you back in to education and employment 

Closing Thoughts

Our Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club serves multiple functions, from providing healthcare to helping members network. It’s not just a place to hang out; it’s a springboard for new beginnings.

So, if you’re a veteran or know one, consider the immense benefits of joining such a club. You won’t regret it. Every Friday at 1030 at the Veteran Recovery College, The Wallsend Memorial Hall, 10 Frank St, Wallsend NE28 6RN . 

Call us on 0191 308 4030

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