Victims of Crime

Victims Of Crime – Liberty Project

Being a victim of crime can be distressing. The impact of crime will vary, but many people benefit from receiving some support and information to help them cope and recover.

Anxious Minds working to provide emotional, practical and professional support to all victims and witnesses, as well as family members of victims of crime.

This service is available across the North East and we can provide help regardless of whether or not the crime has been reported to the police.

If you do decide to report to the police then there is a government document called the ‘Victims Code’ which details what support and information you should get from criminal justice agencies.


If you are a close relative of somebody who has been killed as a result of a crime you are also entitled to support under the ‘Victims Code’. Businesses or enterprises (such as charities) that are victims of crime are also covered.

supporting victims of crime

Victims in special circumstances, for example, children or victims of the most serious crimes, are entitled to extra support.


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