Citizens Advice Witness Service and Victims First have highlighted the importance of the right support for victims and witnesses of crime.

Anxious Minds is working on the The North East Liberty Project working in partnership with the North East Citizens Advice Witness Service and Victims First, supporting victims of crime and abuse suffering from Mental Health issues, across the North East. The two services support around 900 service users per mouth, many of them needing one to one counselling support for numerous reasons.

We put victims of crime at the heart of our service ensuring they are given help and support to cope and recover from the challenging experience they have faced.

We understand the different needs required by people using the service. Some may have suffered deep psychological or emotional trauma; some may be vulnerable or suffer from a particular disability; people from particular ethnic groups may need culturally sympathetic support; people of different ages will have different needs to each other; some cases are more complicated than others.

Whoever the victim, and whatever the crime, we will always put them first and give the best possible support, care and advice.

Working Together:


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