Young Anxious Minds Services


Young people may need help with a wide range of issues at different points in their lives. Parents and carers may also need help and advice to deal with behavioural or other problems their child is experiencing. Parents, carers and young people can receive direct support through Young Anxious Minds.

Growing up is not easy, and sometimes it’s hard

to cope with whatever life throws at you


Young People Mental Health Services – can help if you:

  1. Feel sad or like you don’t want to be here any more
  2. Have problems with your family, friends or at school
  3. Hurt yourself or want to hurt yourself
  4. Feel anxious and scared
  5. Have problems with eating and food
  6. Have trouble talking or sleeping
  7.  Hear voices or see things
  8. Feel angry or are struggling to control your behaviour or temper
  9. Find it hard to concentrate or get on with friends
  10. Have to check or repeat things, or worry about germs
  11. Don’t like yourself or have low self-confidence

Check out our Recovery College Find help and support for problems such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, stress, bullying, eating disorders or self-esteem.


What are Young Anxious Minds?

Young people mental health service that focuses on the needs of young people. They are multidisciplinary teams that will consist of:

  1. Psychiatrists
  2. Counsellors Support Workers


How do I get help from a specialist?childrens mental health

Getting help from our young Anxious Minds service is easy just give us a call
You may also find it helpful to speak to:

  1. Your GP
  2. Health Visitors
  3. Children’s Centres


If you or your child is being supported by social services or the youth offending team, your key worker will be able to refer your young person for an appointment with someone in our Young Anxious Minds service.


When is the transition from CAMS to adult services?

The age children and young people move to another service can differ. For example, some transition at 16, others at 18 or older. The transition between services can be a scary time for young people as the teams they know and are used to working with change. However, you will still be with Anxious Minds and part of our amazing community.


This service will support Young People from the age of 14+

We don’t receive any funding for counselling services £10 donation per session

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