Please note: Due to lack of funding we cannot accept referrals from organisations that provide mental health services or already have a mental health partner, unless funding is available the charity is always looking for partnership opportunities.


Firstly, sign up  to our Community. If you are not in the North East of England, no problem. We also provide online support groups.

You should definitely request to join our Facebook group. Our Facebook group is a closed group, which means that only members can see what you post, or see that you are in the group. It is an always-online active support group, where you can get support and chat with others going through what you are, absolutely any time of the day or night.

If you haven’t got a community account, we highly recommend signing up so you can join us. Whether it’s discussing helpful books, or putting your name forward for a meeting or one of our courses, our Facebook group makes it all so easy. You will also be able to chat with the owner and discuss/ask any questions you may have regarding  information on the site; for example, how to get started exercising. Someone is always on the other end ready to reply because it is always online.

Donate with JustGiving and PayPal

Free Support Groups

We call our support groups the ‘Let’s Talk Project’. It is all about getting sufferers of anxiety and depression supporting each other.

Professional Support

We provide a complete counselling and listening service and its Donation based.

CPD Workshops & Training

We offer all types of CPD and Training Packegs aimed at anyone supporting people with Mental Health here in North East.

Grief & Loss Support

When someone close to you dies the shock and grief can feel overwhelming. It is important to take care of yourself we can support you over this differcalt time

Art & Craft

We run a range of programmes that focus on positive mental wellbeing, by enabling people to find and nurture dormant creative interests and hidden talents within themselves.

Drug & Alcohol Support

Working in partnership with Meadow Well Connected we are providing a drug & alcohol support program for North Tyneside

Victims of Crime

The North East Liberty Project will be working in partnership with the North East Citizens Advice Witness Service and the Probation Services, supporting victims of crime and abuse suffering from Mental Health issues, across the North East.

Uniformed Services Support Group

Anxious Minds understands that wounds sustained on duty are not only physical and that the real battle for those affected in Service, often begins at home.
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