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Counselling Services Near Me: A Comprehensive Guide for the North East of England

Understanding Anxiety Disorders

In an increasingly fast-paced world, mental health has become a crucial aspect of overall well-being. Whether dealing with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health challenge, counselling services provide essential support. For residents of the North East of England, there are numerous options available to help navigate these issues. At the forefront of these services is Anxious Minds, a charity that has been making a significant impact in the region. This blog post will explore Anxious Minds and other counselling services available, aiming to provide a comprehensive guide for anyone seeking support in the North East.

Anxious Minds: Leading the Way

Anxious Minds is a North East-based charity dedicated to providing mental health support to those in need. Established with the mission to improve mental well-being and reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues, Anxious Minds offers a wide range of services, including counselling services, therapy groups and support for both individuals and families.

Services Offered by Anxious Minds

1. Counselling and Psychotherapy: Anxious Minds offers one-on-one counselling sessions tailored to individual needs. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, or other mental health concerns, their team of qualified therapists is equipped to provide support.

2. Group Therapy: For those who benefit from shared experiences, Anxious Minds provides group therapy sessions. These sessions create a safe space for individuals to share their stories and learn from others facing similar challenges.

3. Online Support: Recognising the need for accessibility, Anxious Minds offers online counselling services. This ensures that even those unable to attend in person can still receive the help they need.

4. Workshops and Courses: Anxious Minds conducts various workshops and courses focused on mental health education and coping strategies. These are designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to manage their mental health effectively.

Locations and Accessibility

Anxious Minds operates across several locations in the North East, including Newcastle, Northumberland and North Tyneside. Their commitment to accessibility ensures that help is within reach for anyone in the region.

Looking for good counselling services?  Our guide will help you find the mental health support you need. This includes places like Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover a range of affordable counselling services in the North East, including private sessions, counsellors in training and group therapy.
  • Explore community-based mental health services, such as drop-in centres, support groups and initiatives like community kitchens and food banks.
  • Learn about the unique challenges faced by North East communities and how local organisations are addressing mental health needs.
  • Uncover specialised support for veterans, including addiction treatment and outdoor therapy in a tranquil setting.
  • Find out how you can contribute to improving mental health services through fundraising and community partnerships.

Anxious Minds: A Leading Mental Health Charity in the North East

Anxious Minds shines in the North East, helping people with their mental health. It is based in Wallsend, North Tyneside and has offered counselling services for ten years.

Its unique way of improving well-being has made it a key player in local mental health care. They use different counselling methods to suit everyone’s needs.

Anxious Minds is dedicated to enhancing mental health across the North East. In Gateshead, Sunderland and Newcastle, its anxious minds charity help is well known. 

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You can access support from Anxious Minds by calling 0191 262 0305

Understanding Mental Health in the North East

The North East of England has big challenges with mental health. Statistics tell us it’s the third-worst area for adult mental health issues in England. One in four adults here face these problems. Also, it has the highest number of young people hurting themselves. This shows how much they need our help.

Things like not having a job, being poor, using drugs and feeling lonely make mental health worse here. This leads to more people feeling really sad, worried or even trying to hurt themselves. The area doesn’t have enough mental health services.

But, there are steps being taken to make things better. New projects and plans aim to give people in the North East better mental health care.

Prevalence of mental health issues in the region

  • The North East is the third-worst area for adult mental health issues in England. One in four adults here face these problems.
  • The region also has the highest number of young people hurting themselves.

Impact of socio economic factors on mental wellbeing

Not having a job, being poor, using drugs and feeling lonely really affect mental health here. It causes more sadness, worry and sometimes people trying to hurt themselves.

Unique challenges faced by North East communities

  1. There are not enough mental health services in the North East.
  2. Many people from the area end up in the hospital because of their mental health.

Despite the challenges, the North East is working on improving mental health care. Changes are being made to make care better and easier to get.

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Community-Based Mental Health Services

In the North East of England, community-based mental health services offer crucial help. They support people dealing with mental health issues. They provide a wide range of aid, from meeting places to support groups and kitchens. These help meet different needs in the area.

Drop-in Centres and Their Locations

Anxious Minds has a drop-in centre in Wallsend. Its aim is to provide crisis support in a safe and welcoming place. Here, people can find help without fear of being judged and can meet others like them.

Support Groups for Specific Mental Health Conditions

Besides drop-in centres, there are support groups for specific mental health issues. ManHealth in Blyth, for instance, holds men’s support groups weekly. These groups provide a place for talks and support among men. They aim to address men’s unique mental health challenges. Plus, they encourage belonging and support.

Community Kitchens and Food Banks

Initiatives like the Veterans and Community Kitchen and Food Bank offer practical and social help. They serve not just veterans but anyone in need. These places provide more than hot meals and food. They create a friendly setting for meeting others, which is key to fighting loneliness and its effect on mental health.

The mental health services in North East England unite communities. By working together, they meet the various needs of the people. This teamwork is vital for better overall well-being and a more supportive place for everyone.

Counselling and Talking Therapies in the North East

In the North East, you’ll find many counselling services. These aim to help people with mental health issues. 

The NHS also offers free talking therapies across the region. This includes one-to-one meetings, video calls and online courses. 

Northumberland has updated its mental health services, offering various ways to receive help. This includes face-to-face, online and over-the-phone psychotherapy. 

NHS Northumberland Talking Therapies provides cost-free mental health care. This is for those over 16 facing issues like depression and anxiety. They offer support, therapy and services for recovery.

  • Cygnus Support in Northumberland provides help with mental health and well-being. They offer counselling, psychotherapy, and training from different locations.
  • Tyneside and Northumberland Mind supports mental health with one-to-one help, group sessions, and counselling. Their support line is open daily from early morning till night.
  • ManHealth has support groups specially for men, led by men who have been through tough times. These meet at Briardale House in Blyth.

These different services respond to a range of mental health needs. They make it easier for locals to find the support they need. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for counselling in Durham, psychotherapy in Northumberland or NHS talking therapies in the Northeast. The region has many options to help with mental health well-being.

Outdoor Therapy in a Tranquil Setting

Anxious Minds offers a special outdoor therapy program. It helps people find peace in a private woodland near Prudhoe. This setting is perfect for reducing stress and making people happier.

This type of therapy in nature has deep effects. People often feel less anxious and sad. They gain confidence in talking to others.

Reconnect with Your Mental Well-being

Anxious Minds customises outdoor activities for each person. This helps them see the healing power of nature and think differently about their mental health. 

Tailored Activities Amidst Nature’s Embrace

Many find outdoor therapy better than the usual kind. It’s good for people with different problems, like those who feel sad, use violence or are lonely. Sometimes, sessions happen indoors or online because of weather or COVID-19.

Fundraising for Improved Mental Health Services

In the North East, mental health charities like Anxious Minds are key to helping people. They aim to increase their services and improve their care through big fundraising efforts.

Additionally, Anxious Minds joins forces with local businesses and faith groups. They also reach out to the community at large. This work helps them spread the word about mental health issues. It aims to make sure everybody gets the help they need. Their ultimate goal? A future where mental health support is available to all.

Fundraising is vital as the North East tackles its mental health challenges. Anxious Minds and other charities are pushing hard. They want to meet the community’s needs. Their mission is better mental health for everyone.

Counselling Services Near Me: A Comprehensive Guide for the North East of England

Finding good counselling can be tough, but the North East of England is full of support options. This area offers a variety of help, including drop-in centres and specialised therapies. 

Anxious Minds is a key mental health charity in the North East that helps a lot. They have many counsellors and a quick first session, showing they care about helping fast. They give free counselling to special groups like kids, youth, carers and veterans.

Aside from traditional counselling, services in the North East also offer online and phone help. This makes it easier for people of all ages, from young to old to get support. It ensures everyone can access the help they need.

The North East places a big focus on keeping things private and personal in counselling. They make sure people are matched with the right counsellor. They also promise not to share anyone’s attendance unless it’s to help them right away.

There is more mental health support in the North East other than Anxious Minds. These include:

  • Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust’s crisis team at 0800 652 2861.
  • Northumberland’s Safe Haven, open daily from 2pm-10pm, for anyone over 18 in crisis or feeling very stressed.
  • NHS Northumberland Talking Therapies, a free service for those 16 or older dealing with depression, anxiety and more. Call 0300 303 0700.
  • Tyneside and Northumberland Mind, offering support every day from 8am to 10pm at 0191 477 4545 or 0330 174 3174.
  • Cygnus Support, available in Ashington and other areas, offers help with mental health and well-being.
  • Choices4Growth in Berwick helps with mental health support and counselling.


This guide has shown the many counselling services and mental health support in the North East of England. It highlights work from top charities like Anxious Minds to services by the NHS and local community projects. These options aim to help people deal with mental health issues and improve their well-being.


What counselling services are available in the North East of England?

In the North East, you can find various counselling and mental health services. These include NHS talking therapies, drop-in centres and support groups. Also, there are special therapies from charities like Anxious Minds.

What makes Anxious Minds a leading mental health charity in the North East?

Anxious Minds is well-known for helping people across the North East for over ten years. They offer expert counselling and mental health therapies. Their friendly approach has won them many awards. 

What are the key mental health challenges faced by the North East region?

The North East has major mental health issues. It has the third highest rate of mental problems for adults in England. It also has the most self-harm among young people. Sadly, mental health services are short, and many people end up in hospital. Unemployment, poverty and loneliness also affect mental health here.

What types of community-based mental health services are available in the North East?

There are many mental health services in the North East that are community-based. For example, Northumberland has a Safe Haven and ManHealth runs support groups. There’s also the Veterans and Community Kitchen and Food Bank. They all help with practical and social support.

What counselling and talking therapy options are available in the North East?

The North East has a lot of counselling and talking therapy options. The NHS offers free talking therapies. You can have one-to-one sessions, video calls or take courses online. There are also private clinics and charities like Anxious Minds. They focus on therapies such as talkting therapy and CBT.

How does Anxious Minds support the mental health of veterans and their families in the North East?

Anxious Minds helps veterans and their families with mental health and addiction issues. They offer support from the start and for the long-term. They work with other local groups to help with everything from mental health to work and money.

What is Anxious Minds’ outdoor therapy programme, and how does it benefit clients?

Anxious Minds has an outdoor therapy programme near Prudhoe. This programme allows people to take part in outdoor activities. It’s aimed at reducing stress and making people happier. It helps lower anxiety and depression, improves social skills and overall mental health.

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